Workers World Party (WWP) Presidential Campaign of Monica Moorehead & Lamont Lilly

Monica Moorehead & Lamont Lilly 2016

Workers World Party is participating in the 2016 presidential election. Not because we believe the election means anything. We are running to expose the election.

The WWP candidates will be talking about the real issues facing workers and oppressed people—and organizing for the real solutions. Revolutionary solutions. We believe that the kind of socialism Bernie Sanders talks about only provides more cosmetic changes, a softer kinder of capitalism. But Sanders change means the capitalist system still stands.

Mass struggle, not elections, is the way forward.

The elections that take place every four years bring only cosmetic change: different faces administering the government on behalf of the same billionaire masters. Who really runs
society? It is the capitalist class that exploits the working class and the oppressed. The great mass of people have no real representation because the government, whether headed by Democrats or Republicans, exists to serve the interests of the bosses and warmakers.

The Workers World Moorehead-Lilly campaign declares: Elections will matter when Black Lives matter.

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