Madison, March 4: MARCHING FORTH 1 Year Anniversary of The Murder of Tony Robinson

Stand with US!!! We are Marching Forth on March 4th in honor of the life of Tony Robinson.

Tony was 19 years old when he was viciously murdered at the hands of Madison Police Office Matt Kenny. He was unarmed when he was gunned down by Matt Kenny on March 6, 2015.

Matt Kenny is still employed as a Police Office with the Madison Police Department. He has been granted the ability to move on with his life and the ability to take care of his family. While the family and community of Tony Robinson remains torn and broken.

The community continues to be impacted by the lost of one of our children. WE continue to cry out for justice. We continue to reject the notion that it is acceptable for a person to murder a child without consequence.

The implications of a man being found JUST in murdering a Black boy without due process is a tell tale sign of the state of Madison, WI.

We will not, we can not, accept Madison being the worse place in the United States to live if you’re black, while also being the number one city in the country to live if you’re white.


We have not forgotten Tony. We will not forget Tony. #WeAreTR. His life mattered. Let us never forget as a community the bloodshed. Let us never forget the 18 seconds in which the life of a young man was taken without due cause; without a 2nd thought; without remorse; WITHOUT JUSTICE!!!

Join YGB, UW BlackOut Movement and the family of Tony Robinson 3PM at Library Mall State St–UW Campus, for community shared analysis, testimony and ACTION! We will not go silent into the night. We will be heard! We will remind Madison that our hands are covered with the blood of Tony Robinson. Its time to take IT to the streets.

Please join US as we stand against Racism and ALL systems that embody Racism and State Violence!

Its time Madison to March Forth for #TonyRobinson!!!

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