Madison, May 21: Racial Justice Tipping Point Kickoff!

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice and partner organizations will be kicking off the Racial Justice Tipping Point project with a gathering and training. Register here:

This is a chance for organizations and individuals to come together to learn about one another’s work, get trained on how to bring more people into the struggle for racial justice, and get support for next steps you or your organization is taking to work for racial justice.

The stakes are high right now with some incredible work being done for racial justice sparking a new movement moment amidst high levels of overt and institutional racism and violence all around us. Now is the time for us to connect, learn from, and take action with one another.

There will be 3 main breakout sessions offered: organizational change for racial justice, direct action, and engagement for base building. Visit the website for more information:

Training team includes:

Cynthia Lin: WNPJ Board Member, former Western States Center trainer and current organizer with National Network of Abortion Funds
Barb Munson: WNPJ Co-Chair, Chair of Wisconsin Indian Education Association “Indian” Mascot and Logo Taskforce
Brandi Grayson: Young Gifted and Black co-founder, YWCA Empowerment Center Manager
Claire Tran: WNPJ Board Member, Trainer with School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), Asians for Black Lives
Dana Schultz: Executive Director of Wisconsin Voices
Liz Bruno: WNPJ Board Co-Chair, Herbalist, Generative Somatics trainee
Z! Haukeness: WNPJ Organizer, Groundwork, various social justice organizations

This is an exciting project that we have been putting a lot of work into. We look forward to taking this next big step with you all. Register now!

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