Hundreds Protest Trump in Janesville & Milwaukee To Demand: ‘Get your hate out of our state!’

Defeat “Right to Work” in Wisconsin

And From Voces de la Frontera in Milwaukee:

Today we marched with hundreds of community members to say that Milwaukee is ‪#‎UnitedAgainstHate‬ and united against Trump and Cruz and the politicians who support their ideas ‪#‎StopTrump‬

This afternoon we march with hundreds of members of the community to say that Milwaukee is united against the hatred of trump, Cruz, and all politicians who support your ideas!

And Janesville:Multi-racial crowd here at ‪#‎StopTrumpJanesville‬ now chanting “No human being is illegal!” / Todo@s las razas en la protesta de Trump gritando “Nadie es ilegal!”


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