Chicago, April 1: Chicago Teachers Union & Friends Day Of Action

Chicago Teachers Union

“…Now is the time for us to fight for what we value. The CTU stands as a critical force in position to stop vicious attacks on public services and public education in this state. We are the most influential voice on public education,  outpolling the mayor by a 3:1 margin on matters of education in Chicago. Our tasks may be daunting, but if we fight, we will inspire the public and become part of a larger movement that can win funding for our schools. Ultimately, that is our best hope for defending public education.”

In solidarity,
Karen GJ Lewis, NBCT


Madison, May 21: Racial Justice Tipping Point Kickoff!

Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice and partner organizations will be kicking off the Racial Justice Tipping Point project with a gathering and training. Register here:

This is a chance for organizations and individuals to come together to learn about one another’s work, get trained on how to bring more people into the struggle for racial justice, and get support for next steps you or your organization is taking to work for racial justice.

The stakes are high right now with some incredible work being done for racial justice sparking a new movement moment amidst high levels of overt and institutional racism and violence all around us. Now is the time for us to connect, learn from, and take action with one another.

There will be 3 main breakout sessions offered: organizational change for racial justice, direct action, and engagement for base building. Visit the website for more information:

Training team includes:

Cynthia Lin: WNPJ Board Member, former Western States Center trainer and current organizer with National Network of Abortion Funds
Barb Munson: WNPJ Co-Chair, Chair of Wisconsin Indian Education Association “Indian” Mascot and Logo Taskforce
Brandi Grayson: Young Gifted and Black co-founder, YWCA Empowerment Center Manager
Claire Tran: WNPJ Board Member, Trainer with School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), Asians for Black Lives
Dana Schultz: Executive Director of Wisconsin Voices
Liz Bruno: WNPJ Board Co-Chair, Herbalist, Generative Somatics trainee
Z! Haukeness: WNPJ Organizer, Groundwork, various social justice organizations

This is an exciting project that we have been putting a lot of work into. We look forward to taking this next big step with you all. Register now!

Green Bay Advocates 4 Public Education

Green Bay Advocates 4 Public Education

We believe in and advocate for:
* public schools as a cornerstone of democracy.
* neighborhood schools that are the center of our communities
* local control
* using tax dollars for public schools
* fully funding public education as written in the Wisconsin Constitution.
* students, teachers, and parents in the public school system.
* teachers as professionals
* respecting the voice of teachers participating in their professional endeavors


SIGN Mumia HepC Petition to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf

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SIGN Petition to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf:
Hep C cure NOW for Mumia Abu-Jamal and 10,000 PA prisoners

SIGN the petition at (your signature will be printed out and brought to PA Gov Wolf along with all the other signed statements on Friday April 22 in Philadelphia – Text of the petition statement appears at the bottom of this email)

URGENTRead separate announcement about making calls to PA officials demanding immediate health care for Mumia, at

We initiated a campaign in 2015 to get Mumia Abu-Jamal and 10,000 other prisoners in Pennsylvania access to the hep C virus cure they urgently need. We took the PA Department of Corrections to court last December where we were able to show that the DOC spent over $160,000 treating Abu-Jamal’s hep C symptoms, but is refusing to provide him with a life-affirming hep C protocol that provides a 95 percent effective cure. Denying the cure not only increases a patient’s suffering, but leads to higher financial expenses as the disease develops into cirrhosis, cancer of the liver and ultimately death.

The latest phase of our campaign is a petition to PA Gov. Tom Wolf asking him “to make the DOC’s hep C protocol a guide to treatment and eradication of HCV, not a manual for the denial of care.” The petition points out that “the PA DOC’s refusal to fully treat Abu-Jamal and other prisoners is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Eighth Amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment.”

Please sign the petition online as soon as possible and no later than April 15. Please forward and share this email immediately to all your friends, co-workers and fellow activists who are concerned about health care and justice for all. We plan to print out and deliver all the petitions to Gov. Wolf on Friday, April 22, in Philadelphia — two days before Mumia’s 62nd birthday.


Thank you,
International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC
Campaign to Bring Mumia Home
International Action Center
The MOVE Organization
Educators for Mumia

DOWNLOAD PDF of hard copy petition (print and get signatures):

Text of petition::

To Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

We call on you to make the cure for hepatitis-C possible for thousands of Pennsylvanians infected with this virus, including up to 10,000 in PA prisons and 45,000 in Philadelphia. There is a cure that is 95 percent effective but Gilead Sciences charges up to $94,500 for the 12-week long treatment with Sovaldi or Harvoni. Thousands are being denied the hep C cure by Medicaid, the Veterans Administration, personal medical insurers and the PA Department of Corrections. In 2015, while many people were suffering and dying from cirrhosis or cancer of the liver because they didn’t have the means to pay the steep price for the cure, Gilead made an obscene $17 billion in profits.

As we informed you in petitions last year, political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal almost died from hepatitis C complication. The DOC spent over $160,000 treating Abu-Jamal’s hep C symptoms but refuses to provide him with the available cure. The cost of the DOC’s refusal to cure the disease when first detected is not only immeasurable in suffering and loss of lives of state prisoners but leads to higher financial expenses as the disease is allowed to develop into cirrhosis or cancer of the liver. We ask you to make the DOC’s hep C protocol a guide for treatment and eradication of HCV, not a manual for the denial of care. Prisoners with untreated hep C unknowingly bring this deadly disease back to their communities – often to neighborhoods with poor access to quality healthcare.

HCV is a greater threat to PA residents than HIV, Ebola or Zika. Countries such as Egypt and India are providing the hep C cure to their patients for a tiny fraction of the cost in this country. Why not Pennsylvania? Gov. Wolf, it is your job to see to it that everyone with the hep C virus should get the cure – those in prison too.

For prisoners like Mumia Abu-Jamal, untreated hepatitis C is a death sentence. The PA DOC’s refusal to fully treat Abu-Jamal and other prisoners is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Eight Amendment prohibiting cruel and unusual punishment. In light of the PA DOC’s refusal to provide the cure to HCV, we therefore call on you to release Mumia Abu-Jamal and all other prisoners needlessly suffering from untreated hepatitis C.

[your signature will appear here]

Please sign by submitting form online HERE by Friday, April 15. The signed petitions will be delivered to Governor Wolf on Friday, April 22.

International Concerned Family & Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition
NYC Campaign to Bring Mumia Home
International Action Center
The MOVE Organization

Milwaukee, March 23: Book Release: Cries for Justice: Poems for Dontre Hamilton

Woodland Pattern Book Center is pleased to celebrate the release of the poetry anthology, Cries for Justice: Poems for Dontre Hamilton. Published by Art Night Books in collaboration with the Coalition for Justice, and edited by Angie Trudell Vasquez & Margaret Rozga, Cries for Justice brings together work by nearly twenty Wisconsin poets responding to the tragic death of Dontre Hamilton, and speaking to the larger culture of state-sanctioned violence against people of color in the United States. A timely and vital collection of poems, which, to borrow the words of Nate Hamilton, “breathe[s] for those who have lost their breath.”

Co-Editor Margaret Rozga will introduce contributing readers for the event, including Freesia McKee, Franklin K. R. Cline, Alida Cardós Whaley, and Mary Devitt, along with Managing Editor Angie Trudell Vasquez and the Hamilton family.

All proceeds from the sale of Cries for Justice go to the Hamilton family in honor of their beloved son, Dontre Hamilton.

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Milwaukee, April 18: The Battle for Justice in Palestine, An Evening with Ali Abunimah

Join SDS in welcoming Palestinian American journalist Ali Abunimah. Abunimah is the co-founder of the online publication Electronic Intifada and author of One Country, The Battle for Justice in Palestine, and most recently Against Apartheid: The Case for Boycotting Israeli Universities. Abunimah will discuss the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, the boycott, divest, and sanction movement, and Palestinian resistance.


Coalition For Justice Needs Organizing Help for Dontre Day

Dontre Day April 30, 2016

Coalition for Justice

We are in need of folks who are willing to help prior to the event with administrative work, phone calls and other miscellaneous items.  If that’s something you could assist in those areas please email us.  We thank you!

April 30, 2014 was the day Dontre was murdered by former police office Christopher Manney.  We do not want this day to be a day of mourning but a day of celebration!!!!! We would love for folks to help us make this event REALLY BIG!

Share the link and remember SAVE THE DATE!

If you’re interested in helping to make this event BIG please email us at We are still in need for the following items and volunteers for:

Volunteering the day of
Children’s Corner, jump rope, sidewalk chalk, etc.
Community Engagement tables

Voter Registration
Artists to perform/share their gift
Art supplies, crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, etc.
Paper Product Supplies, napkins, plates, utensils, etc
Food; burgers, brats, hot dogs, buns, condiments, spaghetti, green beans, chips, sodas, juice boxes or pouches, ice, coolers, and water.
Huge Grill
Grill Master