Chicago, May 2: Protest At Boeing Shareholders Meeting

Stop Boeing from selling weapons to Israel!

Members of the Antiwar Committee Chicago crafted a shareholders’ proposal demanding transparency regarding Boeing’s weapons sales to Israel. Boeing initially denied the proposal but the Securities and Exchange Commission forced Boeing to include it in the agenda and put it to a vote by shareholders. Together with other peace groups, the activists will hold a press conference to oppose the Boeing Company selling weapons to the Israeli Defense Forces. Those AWC members who are also shareholders, Newland Smith, Joe Iosbaker, Richard Berg, Sarah Simmons, and Kait McIntyre, will attend the annual meeting of the Boeing stock holders to argue in favor of their proposal to the other shareholders and board.

Joining us will be the 8th Day Center for Justice; U.S. Palestinian Community Network; and the International Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines. Our special guests will include a delegation of indigenous Lumad people from Mindanao in the Southern Philippines, who are victims of human rights violations from the U.S. war on terror.

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