Migrant upsurge & MAY DAY

By Teresa Gutierrez


Gutierrez has been a co-coordinator of the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights for a decade and is currently campaign manager for the Workers World Party 2016 election campaign.

May Day actions this year mark the tenth anniversary of the upsurge of immigrant workers that gave birth to today’s national immigrant rights movement…

In the past 10 years, it has been demonstrated that the workers cannot count on Washington for any relief. In fact, it is Washington that puts them in harm’s way.

They cannot count on the Democrats who, despite the good intentions of some, wear the complex shackles of the capitalist system that will rein them in every time.

That is why, in this period, it is important to look to the youth.  Black and Brown youth are especially upping the ante and are challenging and shutting down not only Trump events but challenging the Democrats as well.  Black and Brown youth have seen the truth and are coming to realize it is they who have the power, not the elected officials.

Immigrant youth are coming to protests demanding not legalization but LIBERATION. Revolutionary attempts are being made to unite the immigrant rights struggle with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The masses can be confident that the next upheaval around the corner will be an escalation that will bring real change.

Immigrant workers are permanent members of the U.S. working class, despite the ruling class’s attempts to expel them. As workers, they are the gravediggers of our oppressors.

Sunday is the May Day March for Immigrant, Worker, and Student Rights!

Voces de la Frontera

Scott Walker just signed an anti-immigrant bill. In the national political debate we are seeing unprecedented attacks on workers, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, the LGBT community, and women.

When our community is under attack, what do we do?

Click here to join Voces de la Frontera this Sunday afternoon for the Wisconsin May Day March for Immigrant, Worker, and Student Rights!

May 1st is a national day of action to stand united against hate and racism. Click here to learn about the dozens of cities taking part!

In Milwaukee we’ll start with a community fair at 12pm in front of our offices at 1027 S. 5th St., and then we’ll march at 2:00pm to the Milwaukee County Courthouse downtown.

We are excited to announce that speakers will include Russ Feingold, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, Milwaukee Alderman José Pérez, and a Voces de la Frontera family that would benefit from DAPA.

At the street fair we’ll have great food and music and community groups will be offering resources, including the 16th Street Community Health Centers, who will be offering free blood pressure and HIV testing. We will also have information about voter registration, English classes, and citizenship.

Sunday we march to demand the US Supreme Court uphold DAPA and DACA+ (an expansion of deportation protections to parents and Dreamers), to urge the City of Milwaukee to create local identification cards, and to begin mobilizing the vote against hatred and bigotry.

Where will you be on May Day? March with us!

Click here to donate to help pay the costs of the march.


Christine Neumann-Ortiz

Executive Director


Milwaukee: May Day March For Immigrant and Worker Rights

May Day March for Immigrant and Worker Rights / Marcha del 1ro de Mayo para los Derechos de lxs Trabajadorxs e Inmigrantxs


10º Aniversario: Marcha del 1ro de Mayo para los Derechos de los Inmigrantes y Trabajadores

domingo, 1ro de mayo de 2016, 2pm

reunimos a las 1:30pm en frente de Voces de la Frontera (1027 sur de la calle 5)
Marchamos a las 2pm a la corte del condado de Milwaukee

Marcha por:
Nuestra victoria sobre la ley estatal anti-inmigrante AB 450
La defensa de DAPA y DACA +
Movilizando el voto latino en números históricos en las elecciones de noviembre
Salarios justos y la libertad de organizar en el lugar de trabajo
La defensa de las escuelas públicas

Más información:
Milwaukee: (414) 643-1620
Madison: (608) 212-1267
Racine: (262) 748-7349
Waukesha: (262) 271-2390
Whitewater: (414) 418-8424
Walworth County: (714) 262-2229
Appleton: (920) 460-8312
Waukesha: (262) 271-2390

10th Anniversary: May Day March for Immigrant and Worker Rights

Sunday, May 1st, 2016 2pm

Assemble at 1:30pm at Voces de la Frontera (1027 S. 5th St. in Milwaukee), march at 2:00pm to Milwaukee County Courthouse

March for:
Our Victory Defeating Wisconsin’s Anti-Immigrant Bill AB 450
Defending DAPA/DACA +
Mobilizing the Latino Vote in Historic Numbers for the November Presidential Election
A Living Wage and the Freedom to Organize in the Workplace
Defending public schools

Milwaukee: (414) 643-1620
Madison: (608) 212-1267
Racine: (262) 748-7349
Waukesha: (262) 271-2390
Whitewater: (414) 418-8424
Walworth County: (714) 262-2229
Appleton: (920) 460-8312
Waukesha: (262) 271-2390


Milwaukee, May 7: Prison Slavery Affects Us All

Why would McDonald’s pay its workers $15 when they can exploit prison labor for pennies? Wisconsin state institutions, including UW Milwaukee utilize forced prisoner labor to make their furniture and materials. Wisconsin prisons hold more African Americans per capita than any other state because Milwaukee Police Department and County Sherriff’s office target certain neighborhoods in our highly segregated city. Wisconsin ranks second (after Oklahoma) for Native American racial incarceration disparities as well. Re-entry services for formerly incarcerated people are built to fail because recidivism keeps the prison plantation well staffed. The infrastructure of mass incarceration provides ready-built cages to detain undocumented immigrants. When Wisconsin defunds public education, they are choosing to instead stream children through the school to prison pipeline to a dismal future of captivity, torture and forced labor.

Prison slavery impacts all of us. It intersects with every struggle for fair treatment and dignity. This year, prisoners across the country have put their bodies on the line to stop these systems. Prisoners in Texas have been refusing to work since April 4th. On May 1st, prisoners in Alabama will join them. On September 9th, the 45th anniversary of Attica, prisoners all across the country have vowed to protest all together. (see https://supportprisonerresistance.noblogs.org/…/announ…/).

These people will stand up, refuse to maintain and operate the prisons that cage them, and throw the system that harms us all into a crisis. They are demanding better of American democracy, but if they stand alone, they will face severe repression.

Milwaukee IWW is hosting a gathering of activists to ask what we can do to connect our struggles with theirs and to advance the collective liberation of all. May 7th, at the East Side Library, starting at 1:30, and followed by a march in support of the Texas prisoners and the Free Alabama Movement.

We understand that everyone is already busy fighting, and we’re not looking to distract folks from their struggles, but rather to deepen intersections, find overlapping strategies, and forge a collective response to these systems of exploitation. Our oppression is intimately tied together, our liberation must be as well.

1:30 Introductions and group discussion
3:00 depart for solidarity march against prison profiteers

Chicago, May 2: Protest At Boeing Shareholders Meeting

Stop Boeing from selling weapons to Israel!

Members of the Antiwar Committee Chicago crafted a shareholders’ proposal demanding transparency regarding Boeing’s weapons sales to Israel. Boeing initially denied the proposal but the Securities and Exchange Commission forced Boeing to include it in the agenda and put it to a vote by shareholders. Together with other peace groups, the activists will hold a press conference to oppose the Boeing Company selling weapons to the Israeli Defense Forces. Those AWC members who are also shareholders, Newland Smith, Joe Iosbaker, Richard Berg, Sarah Simmons, and Kait McIntyre, will attend the annual meeting of the Boeing stock holders to argue in favor of their proposal to the other shareholders and board.

Joining us will be the 8th Day Center for Justice; U.S. Palestinian Community Network; and the International Campaign for Human Rights in the Philippines. Our special guests will include a delegation of indigenous Lumad people from Mindanao in the Southern Philippines, who are victims of human rights violations from the U.S. war on terror.

Conversation with Deborah Casey and Leaburn Kennedy, Members of CWA on Strike

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_Qv6IywwY4

Close to 40,000 Verizon workers are on strike, fighting to stop the telecommunication giant from gutting their contract and outsourcing their jobs. Deborah Casey and Leaburn Kennedy, members of CWA Local 2204 in southwestern Virginia talked about why they are determined to win this battle and Local CWA #3204 member and AT&T worker, Eric Richardson joined the discussion from the studios of WRFG.

LaCrosse, Madison & Milwaukee, April 28: Workers Memorial Day



As much and as fast as things change one thing remains fairly constant: workers die needlessly due to workplace incident, or exposure to hazardous substances which cause illness/disease.No workplace or work-related death is pleasant but striving and straining to breathe every minute of every day for the last several years or decades of your life because of Asbestosis, Silicosis, Brown Lung, Black Lung, Bronchitis or other illness caused by workplace exposure is something no one should have to endure.

Until workers stop dying on the job or from work-related exposures WisCOSH will continue to fight to change the prevailing conditions. And until workers stop dying on the job or from work-related exposures WisCOSH will continue to hold memorial events and fight to change workplaces for the better.