Benton Harbor, MI, May 28: Occupy the PGA 2016, Release Rev. Pinkney!

As we did in 2012 and 2014, we gather to protest in Benton Harbor to #OccupyThePGA & march on the 2016 Senior PGA tournament. Join & share across all your social media! Benton Harbor residents need your support in their struggles against corporate corruption at every level!

“It’s not one thing, it’s everything!” -political prisoner Rev. Edward Pinkney

The Senior PGA in Benton Harbor represents:
* Gentrification of Benton Harbor and genocide of its Black residents by corrupt Whirlpool Corp…#BoycottWhirlpool
* Theft of public parks for poor children in order to make golf courses for rich people–alongside $500K condos, while the majority of Benton Harbor’s residents live in poverty and unemployment
* Whilrpool’s stranglehold on Berrien County politics, media, law enforcement, and civil life
* Murder of Benton Harbor residents…Justice for #MartellHadley, murdered in Berrien County Jail in March 2016
* Snyder’s corrupt Emergency Financial Manager law which stole democracy from majority-Black cities like Benton Harbor, Flint, and Detroit…#NotOurGovernor #ArrestSnyder
* Attack on political activity and dissent through the unjust imprisonment of Rev. Edward Pinkney, still in jail on false charges of changing dates on a recall petition **with no evidence** #Justice4Pinkney

For background, see:


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