Madison, July 31: Awareness March Rally

July 31st
Madison Wi, (location isn’t up yet )
Awareness March Rally

This event is contributing all the families whose lost their loved ones to police seeking for justice , ❤️
Also this will be another March , marching for justice , racial issues and America & for peace to all come together as one , ! If you have a voice used it

This event will have a lot of
-Media coverage , from news reporters , and radio guest
-Entertainers ( Spoken word , singers & rappers & anyone else whose interested )
-Voices from the community and one as a whole anyone and everyone who wants to talk
-There will be an March around the downtown area as of last time
-Special speakers from family victims
& a candle light for every victim in Wisconsin & whom ever else it contains too whose life has been taken due to these critical times
-Bring your signs , & Banners

MORE INFO WILL BE UPDATED , in the mean time share this event much love

#Tony Robinson
#Darius Lowery
#Christopher Davis
#Dontre Hamilton
# Jay Anderson
#Paulie Heenen

If there is more families of people who have been killed by law please inbox me thank you

#Wisconsin #WhatAreTheirNames #WeNeedJustice #BlackLivesMatterToo #ThisIsntAMomentThisIsAMovement

#NoJusticeNoPeace #UntiedWeStand

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