Madison: Support Community Control Over Police

UPDATE: On Thursday evening, July 21, 11 people were arrested for interrupting traffic and occupying the so-called Police ‘Union’ as an interracial coalition called for community control over police. Please support these brave folks by donating to help pay for bail and to cover legal expenses!

UPDATE: Community members locked together to block the intersection of John Nolen Drive and the Beltline Highway to call for an end to business as usual. Support this action by donating to support legal expenses! DONATE HERE:

On Thursday afternoon, community members locked together to occupy the Police Union, calling for accountability. This is part of the National Day of Action which was called for by The Movement For Black Lives and SURJ (Showing Up For Racial Justice) to raise awareness of police violence against Black people. Please donate to help cover legal expenses for these brave folks!

The recent murders of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling highlight once again the utter disregard for Black life by police departments across the country.  With the vast racial disparities in arrests of African Americans, the murder of Tony Robinson, and the recent beating of Genele Laird we know that Madison is no exception.

Alix Shabazz, of Freedom Inc said,  “If we had community control of the police, the perpetrators of these murders and beatings would be held accountable to the fullest extent, as these actions would be considered completely unacceptable.”

Emily Blessing of Groundwork said  “We cannot continue to allow business as usual, because business as usual is murder.”

  • We demand that the police stop killing Black people.
  • We demand Community Control Over the Police so that people most impacted by police violence set the policies, practices, and priorities of the police.  So that we can hire and fire and bring true accountability to those who are supposed to protect and serve.
  • We demand the City of Madison invest in community not cops, that the budget of the Madison Police Department be cut by $6 million and that money redirected into needed community based resources, such as culturally relevant crisis mental wellness and conflict mediation.

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