August 29 – September 2: Dying To Live Hunger Strike Crisis

Please take 2 minutes to call Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and request that he make the DOC give the hunger strikers at Waupun access to bottled water.

Who to Call:
Governor Scott Walker (608) 266-1212

Sample Script: “LaRon McKinley and Cesar DeLeon are on hunger strike against solitary confinement at Waupun They are not being given clean water which is putting their lives at risk. The department of corrections needs to provide them both with bottled water. You should also end this hunger strike by meeting their core demand, capping solitary confinement at one year.”

When to Call: Anytime you can, maximum impact 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM central time. For maximum impact, call daily August 29–Sep 2, Monday-Friday to put on continuous pressure. Please call for as many days as you are able, every bit helps.


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