Help Re-House an Evicted Detroit Mom and Her Son!

On June 3, 2016, after a courageous three-year battle against Thor Real Estate, Jennette Shannon and her sixteen-year-old son were coldly evicted by a small army of bailiff, police, and dumpster-demolition workers. They not only lost their Detroit home, longtime neighborhood, and most of their belongings. Thor cheated Jennette out of over $21,000 in the process.

Thor is a rip-off. It is a serial “vulture investor.” Thor continues to prey on hundreds of other Detroit homeowners, and has done in the same in Cleveland. Jennette is not alone in having her home stolen out from under her by Thor Real Estate. But she is remarkable in her steadfast willingness to fight for what’s right, organizing alongside hundreds of friends and neighbors to resist her eviction.

Let’s not leave her alone now! She and her teenage son are living day-to-day, faced with the stress of uncertainty and having to start over with almost nothing. Let’s all pitch in to re-house them!

For more on Jennette’s story, listen to a radio interview taped just before her eviction:


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