Message in Italics from Workers World Party Durham Branch

In light of the developments in Charlotte in the aftermath of the murder of #KeithLamontScott, conference organizers are having an emergency meeting to figure out how to approach this Saturday’s conference. In the meantime – please circulate this announcement from folks on the ground in Charlotte:
As you know, Charlotte has been rocked in recent days by a police occupation following the police murder of Keith Lamont Scott, an unarmed Black man. As the governor escalates action against protesters on the ground, the uprising is gaining steam — this is a movement moment, and we need all hands on deck.

We are asking allied organizations to send out the information below to your networks, *especially* your networks in the Southeast. Please let me know how widely your organization is willing to share this call to action, whether by email, social media, text, and/or any other means you have.


A call to mobilize 1,000s against police violence
Saturday, September 24th
March starting from Marshall Park in Uptown Charlotte, NC
800 East 3rd St.
All ages, rain or shine
Invitation from The Tribe CLT and Charlotte Trans and Queer People of Color Collective

Come to Charlotte this Saturday to stand with us and gather together.

On Tuesday, our brother and neighbor Keith Lamont Scott was killed by Charlotte police. He was sitting in his car, reading a book, and waiting for his son to come home on the school bus. We believe he was profiled and killed by police, and that CMPD is not telling the truth about his murder. Show Up For Charlotte

Tuesday night, Charlotte police attacked a grieving community with riot police and tear gas. Wednesday night, Charlotte police fired into a crowd, seriously injuring a protestor and inflaming our grief. Show Up For Charlotte

Today, our city is occupied by the National Guard and we are in a State of Emergency! Show Up For Charlotte

Charlotte, the latest city to be wrecked by police violence against Black people and violence against Black people, is a national crisis. We need to end this epidemic now! Let’s show the nation that we stand against police violence that targets Black people and our communities. Let’s show that Charlotte, and the nation, will no longer tolerate the routine murders of Black people by an unaccountable system of policing. Show Up For Charlotte

Come to Charlotte to make a historic stand and to demand dignity and respect for Black lives. Show Up For Charlotte

We are: Charlotte Tribe, Charlotte Trans and Queer People of Color Collective, Charlotte SURJ, Ignite NC, Black Youth Project-Durham Chapter, Beloved Community Center, Youth Organizing Institute , Southern Vision Alliance, Durham Solidarity Center, Workers World Party, Queer People Of Color Collective GSO, NC TROUBLMakers, Million Hoodies, Black University. Show Up For Charlotte


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