Durham Solidarity Center: Freedom Fighter Bond Fund on our work at the Charlotte protests

An update from the Durham Solidarity Center
Freedom Fighter Bond Fund on our work at the Charlotte protests

Thank you for your support.
Here’s what’s happening in Charlotte:
Five people from our fund have been in Charlotte this week coordinating legal solidarity work. We have also brought on two local organizers to bottom-line an onsite legal team and secured a space for a legal office. Significant help on the ground is coming from the Black Movement Law Project, Tribe Charlotte, and the Charlotte Queer/Trans People of Color Coalition.
Charlotte has been under curfew and military occupation since Thursday, September 22nd. Law enforcement have shut down the jail 3 times since Friday, not allowing people to leave even when their bonds are paid. There was a heavy security presence in downtown today due to an NFL game, and soldiers are guarding other sites around the clock including banks & hotels. There have been regular incidents of the use of chemical weapons against demonstrations. There are also reports of the KKK mobilizing to oppose demonstrators.

In spite of this repression, thousands of demonstrators have rallied in Charlotte every day and night since Keith Scott was killed (9/20) and many are openly defying the curfew. One protester has been killed and though a civilian has been charged in the case, there are many eyewitness accounts that he was shot in the head with a rubber bullet by the police. Another protester was run over by police in a 4-wheeler, then arrested along with a person who caught the incident on film.
We are in desperate need of help on the ground from people trained in legal support and medics. Legal solidarity training is taking place daily at 11:30am at Mission Gathering. If you are available, please come get trained!
If you know someone in Charlotte who needs legal support, our legal team can be reached at our jail support hotline: 704-769-0243.
There is a new website available – http://www.charlotteuprising.com/ – with an official statement, petition to sign, lists of demonstrators’ demands, and links for donations. Our website is at durhamsolidaritycenter.org/bondfund. please share with your networks!

Thank you again for your support and we will do the best we can to keep everyone up to date on our work as events unfold.

In solidarity,
Freedom Fighter Bond Fund

Also, more information from Charlotte Uprising: http://charlotteuprising.com/


Charlotte, NC September 24, 2016


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