Free Reverend Edward Pinkney – Do You Hear Us? We Want Justice and Freedom, Now!

By Marcina Cole

“We must continue to fight this battle. It’s time to say enough is enough,” Rev. Pinkney said. It is time for the people to stand.” For additional information about civil rights leader Rev. Edward Pinkney, please go to, the website of Benton Harbor BANCO (Black Autonomy Network Community Organization).


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Hartford Social Justice Ministry
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Detroit Organizers for Reverend Pinkney

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IUPAT LOCAL UNION NO. 10: No Support to the Democrats, Republicans, or Any Party of the Bosses

International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
11105 N.E. SANDY BLVD.
PORTLAND, OREGON 97220 Website:
PHONE: (503) 257-0589 ● FAX: (503) 262-5358 ● OOWL: (503) 262-5347
Whereas the bosses have two parties to represent their class while the millions of working people have none, and
Whereas the Democratic president Barack Obama sent the U.S. Coast Guard to enforce scabbing against the International Longshore and Warehouse Union during the 2013-14 lock-out of northwest dock workers, and
Whereas the Democratic governor Kate Brown opposed and undercut the movement for a $15 minimum wage across Oregon, and
Whereas in 2014 Democrats in Congress joined with Republicans to pass a disastrous pension “reform,” allowing the bosses to escape their obligations and cheat our retirees, and
Whereas the two presidencies of the Democrat Barack Obama have been eight years of unending war in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, causing untold human suffering, millions of refugees, and attacks on our democratic rights at home, and
Whereas the Democratic Party in power has deported some 5 million immigrants, a record, and
Whereas across the country, from Oakland to Baltimore, police under Democratic mayors regularly murder black men and women with impunity, and
Whereas the 2016 presidential election offers us the “choice” between a raving, bigoted clown and a career representative of Wall Street, and
Whereas the Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Virginia governor Tim Kaine, supports union- busting “right to work” laws, and
Whereas Democrats and Republicans are and have always been strike-breaking, war-making parties of the bosses, and
Whereas so long as the labor movement supports one or another party of the bosses, we will be playing a losing game, therefore be it
Resolved that IUPAT Local 10 does not support the Democrats, Republicans, or any bosses’ parties or politicians, and Resolved that we call on the International Union to repudiate its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president, and Resolved that we call on the labor movement to break from the Democratic Party, and build a class- struggle workers party
Approved at the August 17, 2016 Regular Meeting of the Membership

Charlotte Uprising

Charlotte Uprising is a coalition of community members, local and state organizers committed to ensuring the safety of their communities, and advocating for police accountability, transparency and social and economic equity. 



[Photos by WI BOPM taken 9-24-2016 in Charlotte, NC]

AFL-CIO Constituency Groups Stand with Native Americans to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

We remain committed to fighting the corporate interests that back this project and name this pipeline “a pipeline of corporate greed.” We challenge the labor movement to strategize on how to better engage and include Native people and other marginalized populations into the labor movement as a whole.
Labor Coalition for Community Action


On Tuesday, our brother and neighbor Keith Lamont Scott was killed by Charlotte police. He was sitting in his car, reading a book, and waiting for his son to come home on the school bus. We believe he was profiled and killed by police, and that CMPD is not telling the truth about his murder.

Tuesday night, Charlotte police attacked a grieving community with riot police and tear gas. Wednesday night, Charlotte police fired into a crowd, seriously injuring a protestor and inflaming our grief.

Today, our city is occupied by the National Guard and we are in a State of Emergency!

Charlotte, the latest city to be wrecked by police violence against Black people and violence against Black people, is a national crisis. We need to end this epidemic now! Let’s show the nation that we stand against police violence that targets Black people and our communities. Let’s show that Charlotte, and the nation, will no longer tolerate the routine murders of Black people by an unaccountable system of policing.

Come to Charlotte to make a historic stand and to demand dignity and respect for Black lives. Show Up For Charlotte