Mining Leaves a Wisconsin Tribe’s Hallowed Sites at Risk

“…There is a palpable change in the tribe as it gathers its voice against the mine, Reiter says. Speaking events, fliers, websites and new partnerships proliferate, but that’s only half the story: Tribal members have taken to days-long walks from the reservation to the Menominee River, tracing their ancestors’ steps. They’ve re-seeded the river’s mouth with wild rice—Menominee is Algonkian for “People of the wild rice,” and other tribes in the region said that when the Menominee appeared, wild rice followed. When they left, the rice passed.

The tribe has also reinstituted language programs at schools. The mine debate, Reiter says, has rekindled the tribe’s river roots.

It’s a revival Reiter himself has lived. In rallying against the mine, he’s learned from elders of the obligation to watch over the river…”


Photo: Brian Bienkowski

Defend and Support the #CharlotteUprising: Donate to Support #CharlotteUprising & Bail Fund


On Tuesday, September 20, 2016, Keith Lamont Scott, a disabled Black man, was shot and killed by Charlotte police while he was sitting in his truck reading, waiting for his children to get off the school bus.

Charlotte community and organizers took to the streets all night and into the early morning to fight back against the continued police terror that criminalizes and murders Black people.

As the situation unfolds, organizers on the ground need support to get materials, supplies, and other needs met to continuing supporting folks as they connect their righteous rage to action.

All contributions collected on this page will go towards the CLT QTPOC Coalition, a group of organizers who have been taking action for Black Lives, against HB2, for Standing Rock, among other pressing front line issues.

Donations will go towards the following needs:

  • banners and signs
  • an altar at the site of the murder
  • water
  • camping supplies
  • medical supplies
  • cameras
  • portable cellphone chargers


Photo pulled from Al Jazeera 


People of Color Space/Frente X at Encuentro

Encuentro Fronterizo: Espacio para Personas de Color en Tucson, AZ el 8 de octubre

Para información en español sobre el Espacio para Personas de Color del Encuentro Fronterizo y el nuevo colectivo, Frente X, liderando su creación – horario, logística, declaración de principios, registración para participantes, avisos para viajar para personas de todos estatus migratorios, aplicación para presentar un taller en el Espacio en Tucson, y más – por favor visite o mandenos un correo electronic a

Border Encuentro: People of Color Space in Tucson, Arizona on October 8

We are excited to anounce the creation of a People of Color (POC) Space at the Encuentro! We believe that the Encuentro provides a unique opportunity for those most directly impacted by state sanctioned violence in the U.S., Latin America, and beyond to learn from one another, and begin building networks of inter-racial, transnational solidarity among each other.

For more information on the POC Space and Frente X, the new collective leading its creation, please visit or email us at

The moral necessity to make the Encuentro/Convergence accessible to our undocumented family led us to create the POC Space in Tucson, AZ, where people are not forced to traverse a Border Patrol checkpoint in order to arrive. A workshop and/or space to discuss solidarity for white allies is being organized in Nogales, stay tuned for more details.

  • POC Space/Frente X Living Statement – A new collective of POC organizers, Frente X for International Liberation, or “Frente X”, has taken the lead in creating the POC Space. Frente X seeks to build upon the history of the SOA Watch movement by creating a Space at the Encuentro where Latinx, Black, Arab, South Asian, API, and other POC, can plant the seeds for an anti-imperialist network in which POC in the U.S. build solidarity with not just Latin Americans, but with each other. Gender justice is a founding principle of Frente X, and the leadership and inclusion of youth, womyn, gay, queer, trans & gender non-conforming POC in the Space/collective is of utmost importance. Click here to read the “living” statement of the principles, demands, and goals of Frente X, which will be finalized at or after the Encuentro.
  • POC Space Schedule of Events – Participants in the POC Space are encouraged to attend the Encuentro’s opening event, the vigil/rally outside of the Eloy Detention Center on 10/7. A full day of POC Space programming will then take place in Tucson on Saturday 10/8. Please see the recommended schedule for the Encuentro for POC Space participants, and visit the POC Space webpage for updates, schedule, workshops, and other information for the POC Space.
  • POC Space Registration – In order to be able to best finalize our preparations for the POC Space and keep in contact with those attending, considering attending, or simply interested in the POC Space/Frente X‘s work and/or donating to it, please fill out this form, which includes table registration for POC Space. We are also looking for POC interpreters, healers, peace-makers, and others familiar with restorative justice and/or conflict resolution. Please email if you are interested in supporting in this way.
  • POC Space Workshop Applications (9/23 deadline) – We are accepting applications for workshops for the Saturday 10/8 POC Space program. The application deadline is this Friday, September 23 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time, but will continue accepting applications on a rolling basis. Either way, please submit an application ASAP. Existing workshops include: Trans women in immigration detention and the borderlands; U.S. governement surveillance of Black Muslim immigrant population; Social movements in Mexico (by Ayotzinapa school student). We are asking workshop applicants to address inter-racial, transnational solidarity, gender justice and/or that they be open to collaborating with other groups/individuals. Please fill out this form if you are interested in conducting a workshop.
  • Travel Advisory & Know Your Rights in Arizona – Important information to help you prepare and know risks in traveling to Tucson and/or Nogales AZ, and/or Nogales MX: (English) (Spanish)
  • Rideshare – If you are looking for rides, or can offer rides to the Encuentro, please visit this Facebook Community page.

For updates and more information on the POC Space or Frente X visit our page in English and Spanish. For more information on the overall Border Encuentro, visit

And please forward this email to your friends, comrades, family members, and colleagues that may be interested in this ongoing initiative, whether or not they are able to atend this year’s POC Space at the Border Encuentro!

En Solidaridad,

SOA Watch POC Space/Frente X,

October 6: Wisconsin Day to Reclaim Our Schools

We will unite with hundreds of school districts across the nation on Thursday, October 6 to demand publicly funded, equitable, and democratically controlled public schools.
This national action will help shift the public debate and build a national movement for strong public schools for every child.

Here in Milwaukee, we will be organizing one of two powerful actions at each school around public education funding. Each school will hold either a morning walk-in or an afternoon neighborhood walk with parents, students, community members, and educators.

These actions will help us build our movement to expose and reverse the funding inequities that exist in Wisconsin’s public schools.

Begin organizing your school community’s Oct. 6 action today! Talk with your MTEA building leaders and register at


May 27, 2015 Auer Elementary, Milwaukee [Photo: Joe Brusky]

Milwaukee, September 27: Martin Fernandez at Alverno College

Come and hear directly from Martin Fernández at Alverno College (Alumnae Hall in the Sister Joel Read Center).

Martin is the National Coordinator of the Movement for Dignity and Justice (MADJ) in Honduras, which seeks to expose and combat state violence and corruption, while organizing communities around the principles of self-determination, ecological sustainability, and collective resistance. The grassroots organization has been routinely subjected to threats and intimidation due to their human rights work. Martín will discuss this work in the context of Honduras today, and how US policies and security aid contribute directly to the ongoing crisis.

More Context
The 2009 military coup in Honduras cemented the Central American nation as a hotbed of human rights abuses, the new frontier in the US-led War on Drugs, and an all-out plunder of national territory and resources. Those who resist are targeted and killed with a level of impunity unheard of in the 21st century in Latin America; the March 2nd assassination of beloved Indigenous leader Berta Cáceres is an example of state crime and impunity amongst many. Those who head North are often sent back to the very violence and poverty from which they fled. The heart of the crisis is the US policies of militarization, the legitimization of a brutal Honduran State, and the promotion of crony capitalism. For the Honduran people, the results are violent and devastating, but their inspiring resistance continues.

This event is supported by the Alverno Center for Academic Excellence, Department of World Languages, CHICA, College Democrats, and Global Studies Club.


Non-Aligned Movement Holds 17th Summit in Venezuela While the Global Crisis of Capitalism Worsens

“Marking the 55th anniversary of its founding, the Non-Alignment Movement (NAM) held its 17th Summit on Margarita Island in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This meeting was held under the theme of “Peace, Sovereignty and Solidarity for Development…”

NYC, September 21: Emergency Action: #KeithLamontScott #NYC2Charlotte #BlackLivesMatter


Emergency Action: #KeithLamontScott #NYC2Charlotte #BlackLivesMatter

SHARE THIS EMERGENCY ACTION: #terencecrutcher and #keithlamontscott. #blacklivesmatter

Contribute to bond fund for protesters arrested by police:

More info: Peoples Power Assemblies





SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM Million Youth March Of Charlotte


Calling out Charlotte, Surrounding areas, and organizations, In light of the recent Police Shootings in Charlotte and world wide Join MillionYouth MarchofCharlotte tonight 9-21-16 for an Emergency Call to Action tomorrow evening 7 pm Marshall Park




A special THANK YOU to Dr. Dwayne Anthony Walker and The Little Rock AME Zion Church


Milwaukee, September 23: Black Student Union at Alverno, Social Justice Carnival

On September 23rd from 11 a.m. -3 p.m., come on out and enjoy FREE games and learn about social justice issues and how to get involved! There will be a raffle and one prize is a CASH PRIZE!!! Raffles, snacks, and t-shirts will be sold the day of. Half of the proceeds raised from the raffle tickets will go towards the Coalition of Justice.