Workers World Party is circulating the following appeal from Charlotte Uprising:


Rayquan Borum is a 21-year old Black man and father being framed by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department for the murder of Justin Carr. Dozens of eye-witnesses have given consistent accounts that Justin Carr, a protester, was killed by the CMPD in front of the Omni Hotel on September 23, one day after police shot and killed Keith Scott, father of seven. Rayquan has suffered countless abuses from the correctional officers since his arrest. He is being denied accessibility to safe food, proper hygiene, and human contact. He has reported finding hair and other debris in his food! These are human rights violations! This is illegal! You can read our full statement here.

We need the help of everyone in our community to protect Rayquan and get him out of solitary confinement, as soon as possible.

The Sheriff’s Office is the only entity that can get him out. Call all day, blast thier social media, let them know injustices will NOT be tolerated any longer!

Numbers to call:

Chief Deputy Felicia McAdoo980.314.5009
Mecklenberg County Sheriff’s office: 704.336.2543
NC Attorney General, Roy Cooper: 919.605.1629

What to Say:

Hello, my name is _______

I am calling to demand the immediate removal of Rayquan Borum from solitary confinement. Rayquan was framed for the murder of Justin Carr and is now being denied access to human contact including visitation and phone calls, as well as proper hygeine and sanitary food. We demand an immediate end to Rayquan’s repression behind bars and that all people arrested in connection with the Charlotte Uprising be released and all charges dropped.

The nation is watching, and we will continue to expose these abuses and demand justice for Rayquan and all Charlotte Uprising political prisoners.

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