Milwaukee, Nov. 3: Fire and Police Commission Meeting: Speak Out

Flood the room, speak out, and show your support.

Under Wisconsin law and the Milwaukee City Charter, the Fire and Police Commission oversees all aspects of Fire Department and Police Department operations. The Commission sets overall policy while the chief of each department manages daily operations and implements the Commission’s policy direction and goals. Specific Commission functions also include:

-establishing recruitment and testing standards for positions in the Fire and Police Departments,
-hearing appeals by members of either department who have been disciplined by their Chief,
-independently investigating and monitoring citizen complaints,

Thursday, November 3, folks from the community will share stories during the public comments portion of the Fire and Police Commission meeting, about their concerns in regards to Milwaukee Police engagement and demanding that the Fire Police Commission step up and do their job in regards to the pressure on the DA’s office, the Milwaukee Police Dept or whomever about reelasing the video of Sylville Smith’s and Jay Anderon’s murder.

We invite you out to SPEAK OUT!

Please arrive by 5 p.m. to City Hall, Room 301-B to ensure you are able to sign in and prepare to share your story at the start of their 5:30 p.m.


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