NYC, Nov. 11-13: Workers World Party National Conference

The elections are not the last word — keep fighting for socialism!

Join Workers World Party and hundreds of activists from around the country and the world for the annual WWP National Conference on Nov. 11-13 in New York.

2016 has seen nothing short of an assault on the movement for justice, liberation and self-determination. But it has also been an incredible year of struggle, where the most militant people have risen up to say no more to exploitation, violence and repression, all facilitated by capitalism.

The conference will come only days after the presidential elections. Working and oppressed people will, without a doubt, be disappointed by the results. But where will we go from there? How will we channel our righteous rage and frustration into action? These are the questions we will take up as we honor the brave young people, communities and organizers who have confronted power and are claiming the future.

Regardless of who becomes the next president of the United States, we know that the truth remains: So long as the U.S. has the ability to terrorize Black and Brown people at home and abroad, so long as workers can barely afford to live, so long as LGBTQ people and women are under attack, so long as the politicians, bosses and bankers rule our lives, we must fight, fight, fight!

If you are interested in learning about and discussing why we must keep fighting for socialism, join Workers World Party at the Malcolm X & Betty Shabazz Center in New York City — the historical site of the Audubon Ballroom, where Malcolm X was assassinated on Feb. 21, 1965.

The annual WWP National Conference will convene revolutionaries and organizers from the frontlines of struggles, from Black Lives Matter to Palestine Solidarity, from anti-war to Fight for $15, from the LGBTQ struggle to women’s liberation and immigrants’ rights.

We lift up the struggles that need solidarity, not only here in the U.S. but also around the world — to end the blockade still on Cuba, end U.S. war aggression in Syria, stop the subversion of Venezuela, and show solidarity with migrants to the U.S. and the European Union. We lift up the banners of internationalism and socialist unity to build toward a revolution that will liberate all workers and oppressed people.

We choose ourselves — not the warmonger Hillary Clinton who called Black youths “predators,” not the hate-mongering billionaire Donald Trump who nurtures Klan and Nazi types. We choose solidarity — not the state’s tools of division, not the comfort of isolation.

We choose the movement — not the lies of the election, not the idea that the powers that be will fall on their own. We choose a path to revolution — not the lure of a softer, kinder capitalism, not another day of chains and cages. Let us continue to build the movement against capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and more!

Black Lives Matter! Defend Native sovereignty! Abolish the police! Smash capitalism! LGBTQ liberation now! End women’s oppression! Free Palestine! The working class has no borders!


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