Milwaukee, November 13: March Against War

Join us to march against war.

America is failing. Both major party presidential candidates have war on their post-victory agenda, with Syria at the top of the hit-list.As working class people, we know the truth – we need to solve problems in our country before we invade another. Poverty, homelessness, police brutality, political corruption and lack of basic human rights are destroying the daily lives of Americans.

War is an enactor of torture, unnecessary violence and death; most importantly, war is an imperialist venture designed by the elite to further oppress and control. The United States government is, in fact, an imperialist and dangerously nationalist enterprise, no matter the supposed political affiliation of its figurehead.

March with us to spread knowledge and support peace!

We’ll be meeting at Riverside Park, across the street from the Goodwill on Oakland Avenue. We hope to see you there!

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