WWP Vice Presidential Candidate Lamont Lilly: ‘We Don’t Subscribe to Reforming the Police’


In this series, Left Voice amplifies the voices of candidates who have undertaken the bold task of running as socialists. This time we interviewed vice-presidential candidate for Workers’ World Party, Lamont Lilly.

“…We have to set differences aside, point blank. We have to LISTEN to each other and stop trying to prove points. I’ve been in these Left spaces and it’s a shame. Some of us treat each other worse than the oppressor does. We can’t build a people’s movement like that. We have to have love for each other, respect and solidarity.

I think socialist unity is very possible, especially with a new generation of millennials who are picking up the mantle. The youth are really learning to work together, of all nationalities, genders and religions. I’m hopeful that 2016 is just the beginning.

We have to keep in mind that the word Socialism was introduced to a whole new generation, for the first time this year. Such a phenomenon will create ripples for years to come. Only time will tell, which is exactly why we have to stay vigilant and keep working, and keep serving, and keep teaching. Right on!…”

November 11 – 13 | Workers World Party National Conference | NYC – Shabazz Center | ‘The Elections Are Not the Last Word – We Must Keep Fighting for Socialism’ | Join us at this gathering of revolutionaries, activists, organizers, and community members who are fed up and say “No More!” to the cruelties of capitalism and its innate racism, homophobia, sexism, Islamophobia, ableism and more. Find more info at workers.org/wwp/2016conference | Can’t make it? Livestream at bit.ly/wwp_fb #Socialists4BlackLives


Mr. Lamont Lilly

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