Stop The Attacks On Our Healthcare

Right under our noses yesterday morning at 1:30AM, Republicans took a huge step closer towards dismantling the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by approving a budget resolution that could cut out important provisions that would affect the more than 20 million Americans who are currently insured under the ACA.

If the ACA is ultimately repealed, 1 in 15 AAPIs will lose access to healthcare coverage — 1.2 million of us. 1

Now it could be as soon as today that the House could approve this budget. We cannot let this happen — your representatives need to hear from you. Even if your Representatives support the ACA, they need to be encouraged to take a bold stand against this life-threatening policy shift.

Join us by taking action right now. Call your representatives to #SaveACA.

With a 51 to 48 vote, the Senate approved a budget that can be used to get them closer to repealing the Affordable Care Act by a process called “budget reconciliation.” Through this process, the Republican controlled Senate can pass a bill based on a simple majority and cannot be filibustered by Democrats.2

And some more bad news: Republicans are divided in how to replace the plan. Just yesterday, the President-Elect mentioned that he would replace ACA on the “same day…[even in the] same hour” it is repealed. Rigghttttt. Five Republican Senators have already expressed concern that this is not even possible.

Without a replacement plan, what will happen to the 20 million Americans currently insured under ACA plans? As it stands, the outlook is not so good.

In this important moment, your representatives need to hear from you. Take action now before the House meets to #SaveACA.

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