Janesville, Feb. 4: NoBan NoWall: Picket Paul Ryan’s Office

Saturday, Feb. 4, 20 S Main Street, Janesville, 12 Noon
The signing of President Trump’s executive order has affected thousands – refugees seeking asylum and protection who have already been approved for visas, parents barred from reuniting with their families, legal permanent residents being denied the ability to return to school or work, and refugees fleeing persecution being forced to return to their countries to death and violence. It is the logical extension of his xenophobic, anti-Muslim rhetoric. At the same time, further militarization and new construction along the Southern border of the United States risks the lives of many and threatens to further violate the human rights of millions.

We stand in solidarity with the tens of thousands of protestors across the country demanding human rights and dignity for refugees and immigrants and a reversal of these inhumane executive orders. We are heartened by the temporary stays halting parts of President Trump’s executive order.

To this end, we will picket outside the Janesville office of Paul Ryan – the Speaker of the House of Representatives – to call on him to exert his and his party’s influence to ensure that President Trump follows the rule of law and democratic norms.

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