Support CWA Workers at AT&T Mobility

We, along with 21,000 of our coworkers, are standing up to powerful corporate interests at AT&T Mobility to demand good jobs and a better future. We’re fighting for a fair union contract and we need your support!
We’ve seen our commissions cut and healthcare costs rise while the company sends more and more call center work overseas and cuts retail jobs in favor of low-wage third-party retailers. The company is raking in profits while we and our families try to get by with less.
Please sign the petition to send a message to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson that customers and the public stand with wireless workers in our fight.

We need good, family-supporting jobs.That’s why we are determined to stand together and do whatever it takes to get them. We may even go on strike if we have to. *

AT&T earned a record profit of $13 billion last year because of us. We do the hard work providing quality service to customers and keeping the network up and running.

Meanwhile, the company cut more than 8,000 call center jobs since 2011 and closed at least 23 centers. In retail, 60% of the AT&T’s branded stores have been outsourced to low-wage third party dealers, undermining the standards of its own retail employees.

Those cuts aren’t good for anyone – not us, not our communities, and not AT&T customers.

Stand up to corporate power. Sign the petition to say you support good jobs and a fair union contract for working people at AT&T Mobility and across the company.

Thank you for your support,
Nicole Popis
Call Center Rep • Ran Toul, IL
Yesenia Gonzalez
Retail Sales Rep • Orange, CA

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