Venezuela is not alone! Statement and Appeal from the International Committee

The growing threats of a media driven coup against Bolivarian Venezuela and the government of Nicolas Maduro has risen to the extreme in the past week. This can best be seen in the false accusations and grotesque sanctions imposed by the Government of Trump on Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami.

During the 18 years of the Venezuelan revolutionary process, the different administrations in Washington, along with the European right and the Venezuelan opposition, has not stopped one day in trying to destroy it.

This has gone on since the coup d’état of 2002 with the kidnapping of President Hugo Chávez, followed by the oil strike, the lack of recognition of the results of each election and the constant drum beat of misrepresentation and lying. The empire and its corporate media have worked nonstop to distribute the fabrications of the fascist and anti-democratic opposition who constantly resort to violence. Through their vicious “guarimbas” (thugs) they have left a sad trail of death of innocent Venezuelans. They have held in contempt the national institutions of the country even going so far as to disgrace sacred images as Bolivar and Chavez and completely ignore the overwhelming support of the people to their legitimate Government.

This nonstop war against the Bolivarian revolution and the legacy of Commander Chávez has had its loudest amplification in that great international disseminator of lies, deception, and media misrepresentation; CNN English and Spanish.

Nothing should surprise us after having watched how this corporate media giant has hosted the fake war on terrorism, promoted the occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria,that have resulted in more than a million deaths. They also spread all sorts of slander that helped bring about the coups in Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil.

The far-right Cuban American reactionaries who for more than half a century have done everything they could to destroy the Cuban revolution, have joined the chorus of hawks to press Trump to not only keep up the confrontation but to increase the pressure of the Obama administration’s absurd declaration that Venezuela was “a threat” to U.S. national security.

The gains that have been made in Venezuela during the 18 years since the triumph of Chavez, the ALBA governments and all progressive Latin American countries, today are being seriously threatened by the advance of the far-right sponsored by Washington. It is enough to just look in the mirror of large countries such as Argentina and Brazil to see what waits us if we do not act soon.

Despite the political and media barrage, Bolivarian Venezuela continues to stand up and struggle relentlessly to defend its accomplishments.

We reiterate what President Maduro expressed yesterday, “Venezuela wants relations with respect, in the context of equality, communication, dialogue and peace”. He called on President Trump to end the old policies of aggression against Venezuela driven by George Bush and Obama. He warned that “millions of dollars” have been paid in the offices of the White House to drive Trump to a misguided policy of aggression against Venezuela. He denounced members of the opposition for promoting a US policy of aggression and intervention against Venezuela. The President also denounced the unity of international media corporations in their smear campaign against his Government, which is evident with the sanctions against Executive Vice President Tareck El Aissami.

Venezuela is not alone!

The process of the Bolivarian Venezuelan Revolution, that has been great and generous to its people and all the countries of the region, today needs the unconditional support of international solidarity.

Sunday, March 5 will mark four years since the departure of the beloved Commander Hugo Chavez.

We call upon our friends in the world to mobilize our forces on March 1, 2 and 3 with parallel actions around the world in support of the Bolivarian Venezuela.

It is imperative to work now in social networks and social movements to spread the truth and replicate the statements issued by the Bolivarian Venezuela government.

We propose to do a large international twitazo Thursday March 2 that can be heard loud and clear at the White House, and to hold demonstrations on March 3 in front of Bolivarian Embassies, in support of the Government of Maduro, as a way to honor the memory and legacy of Hugo Chávez who gave so much to his people and humanity.

In the next few days we will announce the tags to be used for the twitazo.

International Committee, February 21, 2017,
Photo: Bill Hackwell

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