Milwaukee, April 18: Religion and Revolution – Cuban Style

Hosted by The Wisconsin Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba

Hear firsthand how Cuban believers in the gospel worked to support the goals of the revolution for free and universal healthcare and education, and to bridge the gap between church and government. After years of effort, COEBAC (the Coordination of Baptist Students and Workers in Cuba), which was founded in 1974 by progressive Baptist university students, prevailed and eventually showed that there was no conflict between faith and revolution.

Gladys Abella was a student at the triumph of the revolution in 1959 and has been active in COEBAC. She is currently a leader of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Marianao, Havana and works for the Cuban Council of Churches. Ms. Abella played a key role in the creation of the historic Martin Luther King Center in Havana, a project of the Ebenezer Baptist church.

Please join us to hear her story as a student activist and now an established leader of one of Cuban’s most prominent churches and non-governmental organizations. She will also share her thoughts on the significance of Dr. Martin Luther King and current issues relating to US-Cuba policy from a Cuban perspective.

Cuba April 18 2017 Milwaukee

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