Free Mumia, the voice of the voiceless!

Sue Davis, a member of the National Writers Union, who initiated the NWU petition in 2015 wrote this letter today April 2, 2017.

Dear NEC and NEB,

I wanted to share the news that our petition, passed at the 2015 Delegate Assembly, along with five other union petitions, thousands of thousands of phone calls, many street actions and strong international solidarity calling for hep C treatment for Mumia Abu, contributed to winning lifesaving treatment for Mumia Abu-Jamal. At the same time “The doctor shared the results of [Mumia’s] recent lab test, which showed clear signs of cirrhosis, an irreversible scarring of the liver caused by his untreated Hep C.” That means Mumia could develop liver cancer or his liver could fail and he would need a transplant.

This is an important victory in Mumia’s case, which has repercussions for all prisoners in the U.S. who have hep C and for all people in the U.S. and around the world with it. I’m so proud that the NWU was part of this important struggle for one of our members, honorary now and part of the Philly Chapter when the chapter was able to pay for him. Let’s celebrate with “a virtual group hug,” knowing at the same time that the struggle continues to free Mumia. On April 24, which is Mumia’s birthday, he will be in court to “take advantage of the recent Supreme Court ruling in Williams v. Commonwealth to show how judicial and prosecutorial bias in all of Mumia’s state appeals have kept him behind bars.” Even though it’s impossible for many of us to be in court supporting Mumia that day, we can send him birthday cards and wish him success on this timely development in his case. Know that “success” means Mumia could finally be set free after 35 years in jail (after a trial riddled with racism from biased jury selection to glaring oversight of critical evidence and testimony and appeals) with nearly 30 years on death row. Free Mumia, the voice of the voiceless!

Solidarity forever,

Susan Davis

Mumia Abu-Jamal

#AM 8335

SCI Mahanoy

301 Morea Road

Frackville, PA 17932


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