Stop U.S. Government Attacks on the People’s Right to Protest

From Greenpeace:

Huge and growing marches and demonstrations have shown lawmakers that our resistance to Trump’s anti-climate, anti-justice agenda is gaining momentum. And behind the scenes, conservatives are taking action to silence us all legislatively.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign our petition immediately. Tell your state’s leaders to stand for your constitutional rights.

In 19 states so far, laws have been proposed by conservative lawmakers that would crack down on peaceful protests, infringing on our right to free speech, undermining democracy, and putting human lives at risk. Peaceful assembly is protected under the Constitution—and these assaults on our First Amendment rights are nothing but scare tactics.

We at Greenpeace cannot fight for climate action, or clean air and water, or the health of our communities, without organizing, mobilizing and speaking out as a unified movement. None of us can let governments and corporations silence us. We must stop these unconstitutional measures now, and your state leaders need to hear from you. These bills are a threat to our democracy, a threat to our ability to enact change, and even a threat to human lives.

Please – refuse to be silent. Sign the petition to defend free speech and the right to peaceful protest. Thank you!

For a green and peaceful future,
Rebecca Gerber
RESIST team, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Greenpeace’s power lies in our direct action, in people joining together and resisting. Trump and his corporate enablers would love nothing more than to deal a crippling blow to our entire movement. But we won’t be silenced — and we know you won’t either. Please stand strong with us, as you always have, and fight back. Sign the petition today.

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