YES Students and MTEA Members Collaborate to Win Sanctuary District in Milwaukee

On March 30, the students of Youth Empowered in the Struggle in Milwaukee, along with a group of MTEA educators, successfully organized and won a Sanctuary District resolution for Milwaukee Public Schools. The resolution was passed unanimously by the Milwaukee school board and proved a major organizing victory. But our work is far from over. Students and educators are now employing similar tactics in Sheboygan and Racine, Wisconsin where they hope to win the same policy for students there.

How did YES students, allied with MTEA members, win in Milwaukee? YES students and supportive MTEA educators formed an Education Task Force Committee to help spur success. The committee met weekly to collaborate and develop petition language as well as a plan to win support. MTEA leadership also met with select school board members to develop resolution language that protected students and engaged district staff in the policy. The Education Task Force of students and MTEA members backed that work up by composing the petition below to help build support for the resolution and to mobilize other students and educators to action….

YES Sanctuary MPS

Photo: Joe Brusky


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