May 23: Join the Milwaukee Fight For $15 Delegation to Protest at McDonald’s Shareholder’s Meeting in Illinois

I got two words for McDonald’s: Get. Ready.

Hardworking people everywhere are demanding $15 an hour and union rights.

States like Illinois and Massachusetts are the latest to push for $15 an hour minimums – and even the US Senate and House introduced a new $15 per hour bill just yesterday!

McDonald’s stands against us ALL. Time to fight back.

FIGHT BACK: Join the March on McDonald’s on May 23. RSVP right here to reserve your spot on the bus from Milwaukee to Chicago today.

I work all day at McDonald’s – but how am I supposed to survive on the measly $8.50 an hour they pay?

I can’t afford bills, can’t afford rent, can barely even keep food on the table.

That’s why I’m marching – will you march with me?

May 23 is the day before McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting – their most important business meeting of the year.

The people, the key people, will be in that room, who can decide to do the right thing and agree to the $15 and union rights McDonald’s employees need.

They need to hear from us. They will hear from us.

Take the #FightFor15 to McDonald’s doorstep – join the march in Chicago on May 23. Spots on the bus are limited – sign up today!

What: The March on McDonald’s with the #FightFor15

When: May 23, 2017

Where: Join the Fight for $15 bus in Milwaukee. We will drive you directly to the protest in Chicago, IL!

Join the March on McDonald’s. We are worth MORE.

Stay strong.

Devonte Yates
McDonald’s Employee
Fight for $15


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