May 23: Join the Milwaukee Fight For $15 Delegation to Protest at McDonald’s Shareholder’s Meeting in Illinois

I got two words for McDonald’s: Get. Ready.

Hardworking people everywhere are demanding $15 an hour and union rights.

States like Illinois and Massachusetts are the latest to push for $15 an hour minimums – and even the US Senate and House introduced a new $15 per hour bill just yesterday!

McDonald’s stands against us ALL. Time to fight back.

FIGHT BACK: Join the March on McDonald’s on May 23. RSVP right here to reserve your spot on the bus from Milwaukee to Chicago today.

I work all day at McDonald’s – but how am I supposed to survive on the measly $8.50 an hour they pay?

I can’t afford bills, can’t afford rent, can barely even keep food on the table.

That’s why I’m marching – will you march with me?

May 23 is the day before McDonald’s annual shareholder meeting – their most important business meeting of the year.

The people, the key people, will be in that room, who can decide to do the right thing and agree to the $15 and union rights McDonald’s employees need.

They need to hear from us. They will hear from us.

Take the #FightFor15 to McDonald’s doorstep – join the march in Chicago on May 23. Spots on the bus are limited – sign up today!

What: The March on McDonald’s with the #FightFor15

When: May 23, 2017

Where: Join the Fight for $15 bus in Milwaukee. We will drive you directly to the protest in Chicago, IL!

Join the March on McDonald’s. We are worth MORE.

Stay strong.

Devonte Yates
McDonald’s Employee
Fight for $15


Why did the PA DOC move political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal from his cell at SCI Mahanoy last night?

He only had time to tell a nearby prisoner to let Mumia’s supporters know he was being moved before he was gone. When his attorney Bob Boyle called the prison, they said he was in the infirmary for tests.

If in fact Abu-Jamal is in the infirmary:

  • Why? Numerous visitors and callers report he was in good spirits and better health after three weeks of receiving medicine that can cure his hep C infection.
  • Why did the prison administration wait until the end of the day to move him?
  • Why place him in the infirmary where he is permitted little movement, where visitors are not allowed, and where guards are more hostile to him?
  • Why are guards being told that there may be layoffs because Mumia is costing the prison a lot of money? All people have a right to humane medical care. Instead of blaming the patients who need the medicine, the state should be demanding lower prices on hep C medicines from the companies that charge up to $1000 a pill.
  • Why is he being suddenly isolated in the infirmary, just days after a court hearing which may overturn a number of appeals denied Mumia and three weeks after the DOC was forced by mass pressure and court orders to finally treat his deadly illness? Is this retaliation?
  • Will two people now on the way to visit him be allowed to see and speak to him?

When Mumia came off death row in 2011, Philadelphia DA Seth Williams and others made public threats that his life would not be safe in general population.  We must take any new threat against Mumia seriously. The people must increase the pressure to finally free Mumia.

Please call the PA DOC at 570-773-2158. Tell them to let his family and friends know where Mumia is being kept, and to let them visit him.    l 215-724-1618


May Day in Madison: Day Without Immigrants & Refugees

Hosted by UTI- Union de Trabajadores Inmigrantes


Joining hundred plus countries in the world celebrating the International Workers Day, hundreds of cities across the USA will march to stop the attacks to our the poor, the immigrants, the refugees, the women, the environment, the public education, and a long list of important issues for most of us.

Come and join us in the International Workers Day and helps us to stop the Attacks on Immigrants, Refugees, Workers, Unions, and other Marginalized Communities.

Against Trump’s policies of hate and divisions, today more than ever

No More Deportations
No More Attacks To The Poor And Marginalized
No More Atacks To Our Union, Human And Democratic Rights

Amnesty For All Immigrants
Quality And Affordable Housing, Food, Education And Healthcare For All
Living Wages And Good Work Conditions For All

Uniéndose a más de cien países en el mundo celebrando el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores, cientos de ciudades de todo Estados Unidos marcharán para detener los ataques a los pobres, los inmigrantes, los refugiados, las mujeres, el medio ambiente, la educación pública y una larga lista de cuestiones importantes para la mayoría de nosotros.

Venga y únase a nosotros en el Día Internacional de los Trabajadores y ayúdenos a detener los ataques contra inmigrantes, refugiados, trabajadores, sindicatos y otras comunidades marginadas.

Contra las políticas de odio y divisiones de Trump, hoy más que nunca

No Más Deportaciones
No Más Ataques A Los Pobres Y Marginados
No Más Ataques A Nuestros Derechos Sindicales, Humanos Y/O Democráticos

Amnistía Para Todos Los Inmigrantes
Vivienda, Comida, Educación Y Atención Médica Para Todos De Calidad Y Barata
Salarios Dignos Y Buenas Condiciones De Trabajo Para Todos


ALSO: UW WalkOut: Day without Immigrants and refugees:

Voces de la Frontera, YES and Allies Mobilizing in Multiple Cities in Wisconsin to Build for May Day Rally & March in Milwaukee

Voces de la Frontera
Youth Empowered in the Struggle (YES)


¡No trabajo • No escuela • No consumo!

¡Alto a la legislación estatal anti-inmigrante!
¡Sí a las licensias de conducir!
No 287g • Fuera Clarke
¡Alto a la presupuesto racista y militarista de Trump!
Provea fondos para el cuidado de salud para todxs, la educación pública y buenos trabajos

Marcha estatal en Milwaukee
12pm • 1027 S 5th St
Info: 414-828-2692 •

Información sobre buses y herramientas para organizar:


May 1st Day Without Latinxs, Immigrants & Refugees
General Strike: No work • No school • No shopping!

Stop anti-immigrant state legislation
Driver’s Cards for Immigrants
Fire Sheriff Clarke • No 287g
Stop Trump’s War & Deportation Budget
Fund Health Care for All, Public Education, & Good Jobs

Statewide March in Milwaukee
12pm • 1027 S 5th St
Info: 414-469-9206 •

Statewide bus information and tools to organize:

End Racist War On Migrants

By Teresa Gutierrez posted on April 26, 2017

“…But the real terrorists are the white supremacists and warmongers now running Washington. A “Blue Lives Matter” ideology is pushing policy that means more war here at home and abroad.

This makes the May Day 2017 strike much more important — and the struggles for migrant and worker rights that will go on after May Day that much more ­decisive.

More than ever our movements in the streets — whether for immigrant rights, against police terror, to stop wars abroad and climate change, for women’s or LGBTQ rights — must become anti-capitalist as well as internationalist.

We must show not only in slogans but in our actions that there are no borders in the workers’ struggle, that we stand united with workers in every country, from every country. Our lives depend on it.”


13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance U.S. Tour with Melissa Cardoza and singer Karla Lara April 20 – May 13

Karla Lara and Melissa Cardoza will be touring the U.S. in honor of their dear friend, assassinated indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, to whom this bilingual edition of 13 Colors of the Honduran Resistance is dedicated.

Karla Lara (izquierda) y Melissa Cardoza (derecha) están haciendo una gira por los EE.UU en honor de su querida compañera Berta Cáceres, la lideresa indígena asesinada, a quién está dedicada esta edición bilingüe de 13 Colores de la Resistencia Hondureña.

Cardoza Lara Honduran Resistance Tour Spring 2017