URGENT: Stop Trump from deporting 50,000 Haitians

Add your name: Tell President Trump to renew TPS (Temporary Protected Status) for Haitians by May 23rd to stop 50,000 working people from facing immediate deportation to a country still recovering from natural disasters.


My name is Gerdine Vessagne, and I am a housekeeper at the Fontainebleau Resort on Miami Beach. I am a proud union woman, and I love my job.

I was born in Haiti, country that’s seen its fair share of devastation. But I’ve been living and working in the U.S. for eight and a half years because of something called “Temporary Protected Status,” or, TPS.

TPS has allowed me to provide for my five children, including two back home, and three born here. But this isn’t just about me.

Over 50,000 Haitian nationals working in the U.S. have TPS. And this protected status will expire if Donald Trump doesn’t renew it by May 23so we need to push him to stop that from happening.

If Donald Trump does not extend TPS for Haitians by May 23rd, then 50,000 of us face an impossible choice — return to a country still recovering from national disaster or lose our jobs and be forced to live in the shadows as undocumented immigrants.

We are the engine of Florida’s hospitality industry, much of which greatly depends on our labor. Please add your name to a petition calling on Trump to renew TPS for thousands of hardworking, taxpaying Haitian immigrants proudly serving Florida and beyond for years.  

In solidarity,

Gerdine Vessagne, UNITE HERE Local 355 Member
Housekeeper, Fontainebleau Resort
Miami Beach, FL

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