Rockford, May 19: March 4 Justice (M4J) #BLM

Hosted by Rockford Youth Activism and Hear Da ROC Cry

Black Lives Matter.

If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace.

The march is a response to the recent police violence in our Rockford community and black communities across the country. We are against white supremacy and police as a white supremacist institution. This march will be unapologetically black. We demand that money go to our communities and schools instead of putting more police on the streets to terrorize black folks as our Mayor Tom McNamara wants to do. McNamara says that Rockford has a “culture of crime” while not addressing the fact that our black community unemployment rate is 28.9% and the poverty rate for black people in our community is 43.1% (Huffington Post). Police violence and hate crimes under the Trump administration have soared. Jeff Sessions and the DOJ recently decided not to persecute any officers for the murder of Alton Sterling. We need justice. This is not a time to sit idly by.

We want black community control of the police now. We want police demilitarization now. We want justice for all black bodies murdered now. We want end to stop and frisk.

If you are a cop supporter or sympathizer, this is not the rally/March for you to attend; you will be removed for such actions as they endanger the POC involved and the resistance against the racist system of policing. Black voices will be focused. White allies are encouraged to attend but also realize that this is a black centered event.

Share and tell your friends. #WeComingWeReady #FTP #NoJusticeNoPeace #BlackLivesMatter #BlackPower



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