May 21: March on McDonald’s Headquarters (Travel Information From WI)

May 21 we March on McDonald’s.

We’ll be in the streets in full force, joined by major resistance groups from around the nation, as shareholders arrive for their annual meeting at McDonald’s headquarters.

There’s no chance in hell the billionaire class will miss us as thousands march to demand $15/hr and union rights.

We’re excited to have you out there in the streets with us, Bryan!

There are three locations in Milwaukee where you can catch a free bus with us to Chicago. Busses will leave promptly at 1PM:

Fight for $15 office
2209 N MLK Dr, Milwaukee

Voces De La Frontera
1027 S 5th St, Milwaukee

Progressive Baptist church
8324 W Keefe Ave, Milwaukee

Together, as we march, we will RESIST corporate greed. We will RESIST poverty wages. We will RESIST the bigotry that tells poor people and people of color that we aren’t valuable.

We will RESIST McDonald’s and we will RESIST Donald Trump. Because, after all, they are two sides of the same coin.

Be sure to use our hashtag #FightFor15 when you post march photos on social media. We’ll be looking out for your best posts – and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

See you in the streets tomorrow!

Devonte Yates
McDonald’s Employee
Milwaukee, WI
Fight for $15

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