United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) Conference June 16-18 Richmond, VA

The UNAC conference is approaching fast

June 16-18, 2017
Greater Richmond Convention Center
403 North 3rd Street, Richmond, VA 23219

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This will be the place where the antiwar and social justice movement will come together this spring to discuss, map strategy and organize for the coming period.  Antiwar leaders from across the country and across the world will be in attendance including: Ajamu Baraka, Medea Benjamin, Glen Ford, Bernadette Ellorin, Bruce Gagnon, Lawrence Hamm, Jaribu Hill, Jonathan W. Hutto, Sr, Margaret Kimberley, Ray McGovern, David Swanson, Ann Wright, Kevin Zeese and many more.  For a more complete list of participants, please go to http://www.unacconference2017.org/p/blog-page_4.html.

See the conference web site:  http://www.unacconference2017.org
Join and share the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1208020632638814/
To see a report on UNAC’s last conference, please go here:


Raul Castro Extends Warm Cuba Invitation to Oscar Lopez Rivera

“Please accept our fraternal congratulations on behalf of the party, government and people, who share the joy of your liberation,” Castro said. Cuban President Raul Castro congratulated Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar Lopez Rivera on Thursday for being a free man and invited him to visit the island as soon as possible. http://tinyurl.com/ks59bg6

May 21: March on McDonald’s Headquarters (Travel Information From WI)

May 21 we March on McDonald’s.

We’ll be in the streets in full force, joined by major resistance groups from around the nation, as shareholders arrive for their annual meeting at McDonald’s headquarters.

There’s no chance in hell the billionaire class will miss us as thousands march to demand $15/hr and union rights.

We’re excited to have you out there in the streets with us, Bryan!

There are three locations in Milwaukee where you can catch a free bus with us to Chicago. Busses will leave promptly at 1PM:

Fight for $15 office
2209 N MLK Dr, Milwaukee

Voces De La Frontera
1027 S 5th St, Milwaukee

Progressive Baptist church
8324 W Keefe Ave, Milwaukee

Together, as we march, we will RESIST corporate greed. We will RESIST poverty wages. We will RESIST the bigotry that tells poor people and people of color that we aren’t valuable.

We will RESIST McDonald’s and we will RESIST Donald Trump. Because, after all, they are two sides of the same coin.

Be sure to use our hashtag #FightFor15 when you post march photos on social media. We’ll be looking out for your best posts – and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

See you in the streets tomorrow!

Devonte Yates
McDonald’s Employee
Milwaukee, WI
Fight for $15

May 19-21, 2017: Joe Mshahwar and Randi Nord in Chicago, Madison & Rockford, U.S. Out of Syria & Yemen! Money For Human Needs Not War!

CHICAGO May 19: 410 W Chicago Ave., Jesse White Community Center, Rm. 132, 6:30 P.M. https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoWWP/

MADISON May 20: 953 Jenifer Street, 2-4 p.m. https://www.facebook.com/workersworldpartywisconsin/

ROCKFORD May 21: 420 N Main Street, 1 P.M. https://www.facebook.com/rockfordwwp/



Join us at a public forum to discuss the origins and significance of the bloody wars raging in Syria and Yemen. Speakers will include Joe Mshahwar, a young Syrian activist with the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice, and Randi Nord, a journalist who covers the Middle East for Geopolitics Alert. https://www.facebook.com/GeopoliticsAlert/ https://www.facebook.com/MECAWI/

Our panel will dig behind the headlines to address why the U.S. government is spending billions of our tax dollars to seek the violent overthrow of Syria’s democratically elected president, Bashar al-Assad, and the defeat of Yemen’s Popular Resistance Coalition. What was the real reason for Trump’s cruise missile attack on Syria’s Shayrat airbase? Why is the U.S. supporting Syrian offshoots of the very terrorist groups that Trump claims to oppose? Why is the U.S. arming Saudi Arabia with planes and bombs used to massacre tens of thousands in Yemen, one of the world’s poorest countries?

Our speakers will answer these questions as they expose the role of the western oil companies, big banks, and arms makers in promoting the continued bloodshed in Syria and Yemen. We also will discuss how we in the Midwest can build a movement to demand money for human needs, not for racism & war.

Joe Mshahwar Detroit April 2017


GeoPolitics Alert: EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Down The Economic War on Venezuela


Caracas (GPA– There is a lot of negative press lately in the US concerning Venezuela and the country’s current financial crisis. We here at Geopolitics Alert have also noticed that within the alternative media audience there is a willingness to believe some of these stories despite the usual attitude of distrust of the mainstream media. This article is intended to clear up some of the common lies spread in the US media and shed some light on the real causes of the current turmoil in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been in the cross-hairs of the United States for years now since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1998. Chavez was considered a threat to the US domination of South America soon after he took office on a mandate of expelling the multi-nationals and putting control of the wealth of his country in the hands of the people who elected him.

Venezuela had one resource in particular that makes them such a desirable target for theft and exploitation by US corporations; a massive amount of oil. A common misconception is that Hugo Chavez made the decision to nationalize Venezuela’s oil, but the process actually began in 1976.

Chavez just used the system already in place to take the government from having partial ownership of oil resources, to total ownership. Chavez decided that instead of Venezuela only taking a minority share of the profits from their own oil – previously used to enrich a small group of elites willing to collaborate with the oil companies – he would take all of the oil revenue, using it to enrich the lives of the people of Venezuela. The oil giants Total, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and ExxonMobil – because of course – hated this development that inevitably led to the loss of their control over another country’s resources and the revenue they always feel entitled to…

GEOPOLITICS-ALERT Venezuela May 2017

Milwaukee, June 4: UBLAC Mass Meeting

Hosted by UBLAC Milwaukee

We are thankful for community partners like COA/Holton Youth and Family Center and Urban Underground that open their doors for grassroots organizations like UBLAC to host their meetings.

The last space we hosted included a dope potuck that created an organic space for folx to come begin relationship building. We will continue to create opportunities for people to build as we move forward with next steps.

We invite you, and please consider bringing a friend, to our next mass meeting on Sunday, June 4th at Urban Underground as we continue building a foundation that aligns with our mission to equip, connect, and educate Black communities with resources and opportunities that will provide a sustainable enviornment free from oppressive systems.

Mission: Uplifting Black Liberation and Black Communities (U.B.L.A.C) will equip, connect, and educate Black communities with resources and opportunities that will help provide a sustainable environment free from oppressive systems. This begins by using education about potential impact on the community, and how to heal from post- traumatic slave syndrome.

Through outreach and collaboration, UBLAC will help Individuals foster understanding about liberation through knowledge and application in order to generate independent living and thinking.



Rockford, May 19: March 4 Justice (M4J) #BLM

Hosted by Rockford Youth Activism and Hear Da ROC Cry

Black Lives Matter.

If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace.

The march is a response to the recent police violence in our Rockford community and black communities across the country. We are against white supremacy and police as a white supremacist institution. This march will be unapologetically black. We demand that money go to our communities and schools instead of putting more police on the streets to terrorize black folks as our Mayor Tom McNamara wants to do. McNamara says that Rockford has a “culture of crime” while not addressing the fact that our black community unemployment rate is 28.9% and the poverty rate for black people in our community is 43.1% (Huffington Post). Police violence and hate crimes under the Trump administration have soared. Jeff Sessions and the DOJ recently decided not to persecute any officers for the murder of Alton Sterling. We need justice. This is not a time to sit idly by.

We want black community control of the police now. We want police demilitarization now. We want justice for all black bodies murdered now. We want end to stop and frisk.

If you are a cop supporter or sympathizer, this is not the rally/March for you to attend; you will be removed for such actions as they endanger the POC involved and the resistance against the racist system of policing. Black voices will be focused. White allies are encouraged to attend but also realize that this is a black centered event.

Share and tell your friends. #WeComingWeReady #FTP #NoJusticeNoPeace #BlackLivesMatter #BlackPower



May 19-21: Madison Stands with AT&T Workers – Picket Solidarity

Hosted by Support Striking AT&T Mobility Workers – Madison WI

3902 E Washington Ave., Madison, WI

SIGN PETITION: http://tinyurl.com/md8mshh

40,000 retail, call center, and landline workers at AT&T represented by the Communication Workers of America (CWA) will walk off the job Friday at 2:00 PM Central if they haven’t won a fair union contract by then. As community members and workers, we are organizing to mobilize community solidarity to support the strike. When AT&T workers fight for decent living standards, they’re fighting for all of us, and it’s up to us to fight for them too!

Please join us in supporting the AT&T retail workers locally in Madison! There are 3 Madison retail locations walking off the job on Friday at 2PM. They will be uniting at a single AT&T store location on 3902 East Washington Ave.

We will be meeting at 1:30pm (a half hour before the workers walk off the job) in order to welcome them to the picket lines!

The Official picket times for Friday and Saturday are:

2PM-6PM Friday
10AM-2PM Saturday
Sunday (TBD)

Please consider bringing things like coffee, water, and snacks for the workers on the picket line!

Please “Like” and follow our page for more information, and share this event widely to draw as much community support as possible! Additionally, you can learn more about the strike here: www.UnityAtMobility.com