Before Shareholder Meeting, Thousands to March on McDonald’s May 23

McDonald’s stands against us ALL. On May 23, we FIGHT BACK – with the March on McDonald’s in Chicago!

McDonald’s has changed a lot about its business lately – but it hasn’t changed the way it treats workers. We still get paid so little that we have to rely on food stamps and public assistance to raise our families. We still face sexual harassment on the job, and get money stolen from our paychecks.

And it’s not just McDonald’s workers that are hurt by the company’s way of doing business. McJobs cost us all.

As the biggest fast-food company, McDonald’s sets the bar for pay and working conditions throughout the fast-food industry and beyond. McDonald’s way of doing business is holding EVERYONE back.

Its model of low wages is now what we find in every industry — like home care, child care, airports, universities and more.

And so ahead of McDonald’s shareholder meeting, workers in all industries are coming together to demand that McDonald’s use its massive economic power to lift up working families across the economy instead of dragging them down.

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Join us for a massive march on McDonald’s in Chicago May 23!

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Support Graduate Teachers at Yale Fasting For Their Union

Graduate teachers at Yale University have been organizing for a union for over 25 years. In August of 2016, after decades of opposition from the Yale administration, they were finally given the right to unionize by the National Labor Relations Board. In February, graduate teachers in eight departments voted to form a union with Local 33–UNITE HERE in secret-ballot elections administered by the federal government, but Yale is refusing to meet its legal and moral obligation to negotiate. The Yale administration is using legal delay tactics to try to run out the clock until President Trump appoints new anti-union members to the NLRB who can take back the teachers’ rights to organize and crush the union. The teachers are fighting back and participating in an indefinite fast in protest of Yale’s refusal to negotiate and to take action on issues of widespread sexual harassment and racism on campus. A group of fasters has not eaten or had anything to drink except water since April 25.

Also check out this video about the Fast:

Why Yale Graduate Students Are On A Hunger Strike:


Yale refused the requests of the over 12,000 graduate teachers and allies who signed our letter to President Salovey calling on the administration to begin negotiations by April 12.
On 4/12 we, Local 33, made it clear what we think of Yale’s legal delay tactics and declared April 25 as the final deadline to come to the negotiating table. Read more.

Milwaukee, May 23: Close MSDF Picket

Hosted by Milwaukee IWW

901 N 9th Street, Milwaukee County Courthouse, 12-1:30 P.M.

Come contribte to the continuous visible opposition to MSDF. Spread information and collect petition signatures from people targeted by and doing business with Milwaukee’s criminal legal system.

If you haven’t signed the petition yet yourself, please do here:

The IWW’s Incarcerated Worker Organizing Committee (IWOC) and Ex Prisoners Organizing (ExPO) have joined up to shut down MSDF. This facility is a building within a building, where captives have no access to fresh air or sunlight. They are triple bunked in lockdown cells for over 20 hours a day. There is no outdoor rec. The facility was built and is run using funds that should be used for diversionary programs to keep people out of jail, instead it’s being used to keep them on supervision under arbitrary and vindictive probation and parole officers.

We are organizing this protest in solidarity with the National Religious Campaign Against Torture call for actions on the 23rd of every month (to bring attention to 23 hour a day lockdowns).


Berta Cáceres’ Organization Expresses Solidarity with Bolivarian Revolution

The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), founded by Lenca indigenous leader Berta Cáceres, who was assassinated March 2016, released a recent statement expressing their solidarity with Venezuelan women this week.The Women’s Coordinating Committee of COPINH condemned the opposition violence against Venezuelans and the opposition’s insistent invitation for US interference, recalling the effects of the US backed coup d’état in 2009 in their country.

Zach Gevelinger ¡Presente!

We at WI Bail Out the People Movement (WI BOPM),, and at many other progressive and revolutionary organizations around the world, were saddened to learn that Zach Gevelinger (Sylvester Fox) died suddenly May 5, 2017. We at WI BOPM give a red people’s salute to one of the most righteous communists to ever come forth from the area now known as Wisconsin. We thank Comrade Zach an organizer for WI BOPM and a member of Workers World Party,, for his immense, numerous and fabulous contributions to the masses internationally. As we do Comrade James Connolly, we will carry Zach’s Fenian spirit to bring a better world, a socialist world with many rainbows, into birth.

Tiocfaidch ar la!

Zach Gevelinger ¡Presente!


Zach’s articles:

Zach Griffin Madison 2017

Zach Gevelinger, right blue jacket, marching with his comrades and friends in Madison, WI to oppose the racist, anti-worker Donald Trump administration.