URGENT: Defend Democracy At Work, Stop Anti-Union Power Grab by Right Wing Legislators in North Carolina


North Carolina Worker Power June 2017

Defend Democracy At Work!
Stop the Power Grab by Right Wing Legislators!
Legislators Push Bill to Eliminate Union Payroll Deduction

Call-in Day of Action, Mon., June 26

Rep. David Lewis, Chair House Rules Committee – 919-715-3015
Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore – 919-733-3451

(Leave a message if they don’t answer)

All North Carolina public workers’ right to organize is under severe attack.  A bill, SB 375,  to eliminate voluntary union payroll dues deduction for all public sector organizations has passed the NC Senate, it is now scheduled to be in the House Rules committee on Monday, June 26.  Last week our call-in day got it removed from the committee agenda, but it has now been re-entered for discussion this Monday.

Without payroll deduction to fund employee organization, workers are left without their best defense to address the quality of public services and working conditions– the right to organize and speak-out.   NC, like many states across country, has seen a steady erosion of funds for public education, health care, food and nutritional supplemental support and all public services.  Workers organizing to address their working conditions, is the first line of defense for quality services and quality jobs.

The NC State Legislature has also been steadily working to take power away from local governmentsby preempting their ability to defend residents and workers. House Bill 2 was the most publicized effort when the state took away local governments’ ability to pass protections for transgendered people, and use it to divide and attack all workers. They also eliminated ability of local governments to pass resolutions to raise wages for companies in their jurisdictions. Efforts have also been made to take away authority of the City of Charlotte for their airport, the City of Asheville of their water system, as just a few examples. Now they want to eliminate union payroll deduction and take power from local governments to hear from their own employees’ organizations.

This is a further attack on workers’ human rights!  
Public sector workers in NC are already denied the right to collectively bargain, which the United Nations International Labor Organization ruled is a violation of workers’ fundamental human rights. Organizations directly impacted by SB 375 include UE local 150-NC Public Service Workers Union, NC Association of Educators, International Association of Firefighters, Teamsters local 391, State Employees Association of NC and others.

Make the call to the NC House of Representatives today to tell them to oppose SB 375!

Attend House Rules Committee meeting Monday, June 26 at 4:30pm room 1228 in Legislative building!  Wear a yellow shirt ! 


Rep. David Lewis, Chair House Rules Committee


Speaker of the House, Rep. Tim Moore

Call script:

Hello, my name is ______________________ .  I am calling on Rep. Lewis and Rep. Moore to oppose Senate Bill 375 to eliminate union payroll deduction.   The state has taken enough power away from workers and local governments. This is another attack on our democracy!  Workers organizing is our best defense for quality public services.  Vote no to SB 375!

(Leave a message if they don’t answer)
Let us know you made a call by posting a note on our Facebook event page here

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