Week of Action June 25-30 for the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act!

A message from Ms. Babette Grunow of the Milwaukee-based Latin American Solidarity Committee: LASC in conjunction with the Honduras Solidarity Network and Witness for Peace is taking part in a week of actions for the Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act. This week on June 28th also commemorates the coup in 2009 which ushered in a series of governments that have persecuted human rights activists and violated human rights. Please join us in taking at least one of these actions during the week. Also check out our Facebook page for interesting articles. https://www.facebook.com/groups/LASCMilwaukee/

From June 25th to June 30th, Witness for Peace, in collaboration with other organizations, will be coordinating a Week of Action to support the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, HR 1299.

Check out the ways to engage, below, and let us know if you or your organization can participate in reaching out to your community!  We’ll be in touch as the week approaches, to make sure you have the resources to take action in support of the Berta Cáceres Act.

Sunday, June 25th

Kick off the Week of Action by joining a webinar coordinated by the Honduras Solidarity Network: register for the webinar here.  Consider hosting a viewing party in your community!

Monday, June 26th

Join Berta’s family in calling for the Berta Cáceres Act.  Learn more about Berta’s life and legacy, the broader human rights crisis in Honduras, and the connections to US-funded militarization and ongoing security aid. Write to your Member of Congress and help us circulate a video about Berta and the importance of the bill on social media.

Tuesday, June 27

Engage communities that are important to you, to help build awareness about the ongoing violence in Honduras and ensure their support for the Berta Cáceres Act. Organize your faith community, labor union, or other community organization to endorse the bill.

Wednesday, June 28

On the anniversary of the 2009 coup d’etat, join us in amplifying the voices of Hondurans calling for justice for Berta and demanding an end of military support for the Honduran state. Participate in our social media campaigns to publicly contact your Representative, and help Honduran organizations share their calls for justice.

Thursday, June 29

Join our friends at the Sierra Club in exploring the details of Berta’s assassination and honoring her life as an environmentalist, feminist, and visionary leader. Help us circulate their recent article about Berta’s life, assassination, and trial by sharing on social media and sending to your Representative.

Friday, June 30th

Finish the week by making and sharing your own video about the need for the Berta Cáceres Act. Help circulate other videos by posting them on social media and sharing them with your friends and Members of Congress, with the tags #justiceforberta and #bertacaceresact

We’ll be sending more information about the specific focus of each day of the Week of Action, and our webpage for the Berta Cáceres Act will have information about each day’s focus. Thank you for your advocacy!

In solidarity,

Witness for Peace

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