Milwaukee, July 17: Supporting Prisoner Organizing: Info Session on Letter Response

Hosted by Milwaukee IWW

814 W Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee Public Library, 6-8 P.M.

Join us for a training on how to support prisoner unionization efforts in Wisconsin. Monday July 17, 6:00-8:00 PM at the Central Library, community room 1. This has two parts: 1) How to do phone zap against prisons, supporting prisoners organizing 2) How to respond to organizing letters by incarcerated workers writte to the IWW, in ways that build connections and support collective action. This training will be hands-on. We will learn phone zap process by seeing and doing a phone zap in support of current hunger strike. We will learn about writing to prisoners by seeing and doing prisoner-writing, with ample space for questions and discussion

Many of the attendees for this event will have a basic level of familiarity with the Incarcerated Workers Organzign Commitee. If you’re going to be attending this event and have not attended an IWOC event before, it might be useful to reach out to get context, receiving context documents or having a phone chat Q & A prior to the event. Please email or text 630-415-7315 if you’ll be attending, you are new to this kind of work and you want more information.

Snacks and drinks will be provided. Please also contact us if you need help with transporation or childcare to be able to attend this event.

The IWW is a member-run union for all workers, a union dedicated to organizing on the job, in our industries and in our communities. IWW members are organizing to win better conditions today and build a world with economic democracy tomorrow. We want our workplaces run for the benefit of workers and communities rather than for a handful of bosses and executives.

We are the Industrial Workers of the World because we organize industrially.

This means we organize all workers producing the same goods or providing the same services into one union, rather than dividing workers by skill or trade, so we can pool our strength to win our demands together. Since the IWW was founded in 1905, we have made significant contributions to the labor struggles around the world and have a proud tradition of organizing across gender, ethnic and racial lines – a tradition begun long before such organizing was popular.

We invite you to become a member whether or not the IWW happens to have representation rights in your workplace. We organize the worker, not the job, and recognize that unions are not about government certification or employer recognition but about workers coming together to address common concerns.

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