J20 Solidarity Phone Zap July 20-27

Hosted by Mid-Atlantic General Defense Committee

Hello Fellow Workers and Comrades!

The Baltimore J20 defendants and support network are pleased to kick off the July 20-27 Week of Solidarity for J20 Defendants with a phone blast to demand investigation of the conduct of the Metropolitan Police Department on J20. With defendants facing 9+ felony charges and trials set to begin in November, it is crucial that the Office of Police Complaints have made a report on the MPD’s conduct so that the defendants have the necessary tools for a proper defense.

We are working together with the national Defend J20 Resistance network in a week of solidarity. We have created a brief script for people to use, but encourage people to make the message their own. As always, avoid threatening or provoking language.

Here is a sign up sheet for the phone blast: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Cz3Rv-G8UYVQO9OzvDa3a7qs57sV2DAPWg–c04lKL8/edit?usp=sharing

Please sign up for a couple different times to call over the course of the week by tallying an ‘X’ in the time slots that you plan to call. Our priority is filling up every time slot with at least one caller, but we welcome people to still call during times when others have already signed up as well. And don’t forget to add your times to your calendar! Of course, if you find yourself with a few spare minutes during the week, don’t let the schedule keep you from making calls when you can.

Everyone who acts in solidarity is welcome to join in!


Phone Numbers:
Rochelle Howard at the Office of Police Complaints: (202) 727-3838
Mayor Bowser by way of her chief of staff: (202) 727-6263

Call in Script:
Make the below script your own. You want this to be a human interaction. If you live outside of DC, emphasize that people from all over the country came to DC to protest, and that the actions of the police represent DC to everyone who may come here to make their voice heard.

Hello, my name is _____ and I live in _____.

I’m calling to voice my concern about the lack of action regarding the Office of Police Complaints’ investigation of the mass-arrests that occurred during the inauguration protests. Like many, I was greatly disturbed to see the indiscriminate nature of the arrests and potential violations of protesters’ rights. With the first trials regarding these arrests coming up in November, it is necessary for the investigation to begin as soon as possible, as this investigation could generate relevant information regarding the police actions that day and decisions which preceded it. The office’s February report identified that there were serious concerns regarding potential police misconduct, there is no reason to for the office to delay or drag its feet on this pressing issue.

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