Human Rights Day: Thousands of reasons to celebrate in Cuba

Among the reasons to celebrate are Cuba’s achievements in the protection of children, as highlighted by UNICEF

Innumerable children, young people and members of mass organizations led Human Rights Day celebrations in Cuba. Squares and parks across the country played host to diverse activities, including debates and discussions in various universities.

Among the topics discussed were access to information and communications technology, which in Cuba are at the service of the people; internet connectivity, which is currently being facilitated and prioritized at social and community centers and institutions; as well as current efforts to combat subversion through the use of such technologies.

It is precisely younger generations, which figure among the high priority groups with regard to social policies, who raised their voices in song on a day of various activities which included book sales, dances and sporting events.

Among the reasons to celebrate are Cuba’s achievements “in the protection of children,” as highlighted by UNICEF, while UNESCO, in its most recent global Education For All Monitoring Report (2012), positioned Cuba in 16th place based on its educational development indices.

50 years after Revolution in Cuba

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