Venezuela votes: Massive support for Constituent Assembly

By Berta Joubert-Ceci posted on August 1, 2017

“…Popular movements, especially in Latin America, have been very successful in defending the Bolivarian people’s right to self-determination. Pickets, forums, demonstrations, television and radio programs are continuing. Social networks are filled with messages and expressions of solidarity.

All these movements have emphasized the relevance of the Bolivarian Revolution as an example of the awakening of the peoples. People are confronting the increased threats posed by capitalism in its decadent phase, which is nevertheless still virulent as it tries to recover losses due to the achievements of social movements.

The same forces also see the success of the Constituent Assembly and the Bolivarian Revolution as their own triumph. Should there be, in the worst case, a defeat, they will view it as a setback for their own popular movements. And that’s why other peoples feel in their own skins the pain of the interventionist attacks of global capital.

Yes to the Constituent Assembly! Forward! Long live the Bolivarian Revolution and international solidarity!”


(Photo: Telesur, )

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