National Network on Cuba

The National Network on Cuba congratulates the brave people of Venezuela and its legitimate president Nicolas Maduro Moros for the election of a new Constituent National Assembly, despite the economic and media war against the government of this South America country.

On Sunday July 30, over 8 million Venezuelans ignored the terrorist threats of violence and made their voices heard by voting.  Since 1999 with the election of President Hugo Chavez when the people of Venezuela chose a different path it has been nothing but a brutal and continued war perpetrated by the United States in conjunction with the Venezuela right wing and its allies from Latin American and Europe. They have resorted to the most criminal and barbaric methods to get rid of the popularly elected government so they can turn back to a time when only a few benefited from the country’s rich oil resources. Right up to the day of the election President Maduro called on the opposition for a peaceful dialog and every time it was rejected.

The corporate media played the most shameful role by supporting the criminals and blaming the victims. It has to be remembered that as the cloud of lies come out of the corporate media, the fact remains that in the last 19 years the people of Venezuela have voted in more elections than in any other country in Latin America and all of them have been deemed to be fair and honest by international observers.

The imperial government of the United States and right wing governments from the region have no moral authority to tell the people of Venezuela how to live. A common method used in Latin America for decades has been to scare people from participating in elections when there was a progressive option that would represent their interests. Their biggest fear is that another Cuba succeeds in the region. In their attempts to prevent it, there is no lie too dishonest and false or act too low or bloody.

Those of us in the solidarity movement in the United States know very well what Cuba is all about. What are the options that the “free world” could possibly bring to the people in Latin America? Illiteracy versus literacy? Health care for a few versus free health care for all? Student loan debts versus free education? People living under bridges versus modest housing for all? Violence and racism versus peace and solidarity? Wealth in the hands of a few or equal distribution of wealth?

We stand in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and Cuba and reject any type of interference by the United States government or any other government. The US should abide by its own standards of forbidding foreign governments to tamper with the democratic process in a sovereign nation. Furthermore we support the 2014 CELAC statement that declared Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace.

Let Venezuela Live! 

NNOC Co-chairs
Nalda Vigezzi
Cheryl LaBash
Banbose Shango
Greg Klave
Alicia Jrapko

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