Drop All Charges For #J20 Actions

Up Against the Law Legal Collective

We, the members of Workers World Party in Philadelphia, a revolutionary socialist party operating in the confines of the biggest war machine on Earth, affirm our support for and solidarity with those unjustly arrested and charged on January 20th.

No activist should have to face conspiracy or felony rioting charges for protesting a fascist regime, in whatever shape that action takes. No activist should have the cops seize their personal property, including phones, to be used against them and the movement. No activist should have their house illegally raided either; we want to voice support against these and against all further amplified aggressions by the surveillance state. Friends, it’s no doubt the state will step up these onslaughts under a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic and xenophobic Trump regime, and Workers World Party wants to affirm that we have each other’s backs.

We met friends and comrades in Washington DC in the streets that day too, and in the days following the arrests we circulated a petition telling the DA to drop all the charges. This petition, last we checked, has over 1,000 signatures. We’ve written and published two articles in support of those arrested and charged. And we’re planning to pack the court, as best we can, to defend those who were pepper sprayed, assaulted and ultimately taken by cops all for their heroism against oppression – as the saying goes, an injury to one of us is an injury to all of us.

Workers World Party is just one slice of the movement; we’ll come out, and we encourage others in the struggle to be a pillar in defense of those facing trumped up charges. In the words of Assata Shakur, we must love and support one another. We hope to see you in the streets again!

Solidarity Forever!

More info: Defend J20 Resistance

Drop All Charges J20

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