Stand with Rasmea at her sentencing August 17! All out for Detroit!

The Rasmea Defense Committee wants to thank the over 1,200 people that attended our #HonorRasmea event in Chicago Saturday, August 12th (official report will be out soon, but check out U.S. Palestinian Community Network on Facebook for the livestream, and also search #HonorRasmea on twitter for incredible pictures, video, and recap of the historic night!), all the endorsers of that event, and the thousands who have stood with Rasmea throughout the past four years.

We need to ask you to come out one final time…

Stand with Rasmea at her sentencing August 17! All out for Detroit!

Thursday, August 17, at 1:30 PM Eastern Time

(rally at 1:30 PM, hearing starts at 3 PM)

U.S. District Court, 231 W. Lafayette Blvd., downtown Detroit, Michigan

The Rasmea Defense Committee, U.S. Palestinian Community Network, Committee to Stop FBI Repression, and Chicago Coalition to Protect People’s Rights are urging everyone to join us in Detroit, August 17, to show our love and support for Rasmea at her sentencing in federal court. The will be her last court appearance and Rasmea is planning to make a statement.

The plea agreement, which has already been reached, states that Rasmea will not get additional jail time – but she will have to leave the U.S.

Given the near daily attacks on Rasmea in the right-wing and pro-Israeli media, we expect that a fair amount of attention will be focused on the sentencing. It is critical that the courtroom be filled with her supporters.

In Chicago, contact Joe Iosbaker at if you want to attend the hearing.

Rasmea Defense Committee


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