ILWU Local 10 Moves to Stop the Fascists in San Francisco, Longshore Workers: Shut It Down!

“…In today’s radio interview, ILWU Local 10 President Ferris discussed the union’s efforts to bring in the Labor Councils of both San Francisco and Alameda county. San Francisco and Oakland, California are union towns. The workers movement, taking action together with those targeted by every kind of racism, bigotry and oppression, can point the way for workers everywhere.

That can open a path for all the exploited and oppressed, at a time when large numbers of people are seeing the threat that the irrational and bankrupt system of capitalism poses here and around the world. In recent days and weeks, the Internationalist Group has highlighted calls for labor/black/immigrant mobilizations to smash racist terror; for the disciplined, organized preparation of workers defense guards to stop the kind of fascist attacks seen in Portland and Charlottesville; and for the workers movement to unchain its power from the Democrats and all bosses’ parties by forging a class-struggle workers party.

At this time, a big step forward for the whole working class can be taken by the Bay Area longshore workers, by shutting down the port and leading a mass march that brings out the power of labor and opponents of racist terror to stop the fascists on August 26.

ILWU Stop Police Terror

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