Support Durham Community Demands: Drop the charges against Takiyah Thompson and 9 anti-racist activists! Solidarity with Durham anti-racist freedom fighters!

The Southern Vision Alliance is helping to circulate and support these demands drafted by Durham community activists.

TO: Durham County Sheriff Michael Andrews; Durham District Attorney Roger Echols; Durham County Commissioners Wendy Jacobs, Brenda Howerton, James Hill, Ellen Reckhow, Heidi Carter; Durham City Council Members Cora Cole-McFadden, Eddie Davis, Jillian Johnson, Don Moffitt, Charlie Reece, Steve Schewel; Durham Mayor William Bell; NC Governor Roy Cooper; NC Senate Leader Phil Berger; NC Speaker of the House Tim Moore

On August 14, 2017, in the aftermath of a weekend of white supremacist terrorism unleashed in Charlottesville, the community of Durham united to express their solidarity with the people of Charlottesville, and honor those who were injured or lost their lives standing against racism.  The Durham community then took matters into their own hands, tearing down the Confederate monument outside the old Durham County Courthouse.

On Tuesday August 15, at a press conference called by Durham community organizers who participated in the action, Durham sheriffs arrested freedom fighter Takiyah Thompson. Seven other anti-racist activists have also been arrested. The Durham County Sheriff’s office has indicated that they will attempt to press more charges against people involved in carrying out the people’s will to see this and every monument to white supremacy taken down.

We are in full solidarity with Charlottesville and the brave anti-racist activists who took down the Confederate monument in Durham. We congratulate the people of Durham for their victory in tearing down one of the more visible manifestations of white supremacy.

We demand:

1. Drop the charges against Takiyah Thompson and 7 anti-racist activists! No additional charges issued against anti-racist freedom fighters!

2. The City of Charlottesville to drop charges against anti-racist protesters from August 12!

3. Governor Roy Cooper to call for immediate removal of all Confederate statues across the state!

4. The Durham County Commissioners and City Council to attend mass public forums to allow the community to speak-out about their concerns for public display of Confederate statues.

Durham WWP Statue August 14 2017


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