September 9: Enough is Enough! Central Illinois Against Fascism & Racism

Hosted by Occupy Peoria

Peoria No Ban No Wall
Black Lives Matter Peoria

100 NE Monroe Street, Peoria, IL, 3:30 P.M. 

Enough is Enough! Central Illinois Against Fascism & Racism!

Enough is enough. Since the candidancy of President Trump, we have noticed a growing and alarming resurgence in fascism in this country. And his victory in November only strengthened the already present white supremacy that lies at the foundations of American history.

Groups and activists from all across Central Illinois will be gathering at the Federal Building in Peoria on September 9th, Saturday, at 3:30PM to draw a line in the sand: NO TRUMP! NO KKK! NO FASCIST USA! History has shown us multiple times that when fascism and bigotry are allowed to organize, to infiltrate the government, and build a platform the consequences are devastating. We refuse to repeat history. “Never again” is our motto.

Our demands:
— The immediate impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

— The classification of white supremacy as a form of terrorism, and its prosecution by the DOJ & FBI.

— The immediate removal of all white supremacists elements of the government (including Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Stephen Miller, Kris Kobach, Julie Kirchner, and Sebastian Gorka).

— The immediate removal of Rex Tillerson, and any other individual within the executive, with direct ties to Russia.

— An end to the state terrorism committed against black, brown and immigrant individuals in this country.

Join us in this nonviolent, direct action. Bring signs, flags, posters, instruments, loudspeakers, and most importantly your voice.

More info coming soon.

Durham WWP Statue August 14 2017

Freedom Fighters topple Confederate statue in Durham, North Carolina August 14, 2017

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