Lamont Lilly in his own words

Lamont Lilly is on the front lines for justice, personally, putting his feet, his head, his heart, and his words out there daily. This Durham based writer and thinker was the 2016 Workers World Party, Vice-Presidential Candidate. He is a journalist and a poet.

LL: Well, as the great woman warrior Ramona Africa once stated, “Don’t be afraid to be a revolutionary. We have nothing to lose.”

Those who have nothing to lose, have nothing to fear. But we do have to get better organized. As freedom fighters, we also have to multiply. We need more people, more bodies, more minds, more skill sets. But at least people are having some real conversations, now. You know, I think ignorance is the largest purveyor of fear. Once we dismantle the ignorance, we can get some freedom, some justice, some liberation. But we have to be honest with each other and listen to each other.


Mr. Lamont Lilly

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