Milwaukee, September 15, 2017: Stand with ATU 998: $15 and a Union for Streetcar Transit Workers

Hosted by ATU Local 998

City Hall Room 303, 200 E Wells Street, Milwaukee, 9-11 A.M.

Stand with ATU Local 998 to fight for $15 and a union for streetcar transit worker and to fight for our future.

Join us in demanding that City officials require $15 and a union of the streetcar operations contractor, Transdev.

The City of Milwaukee announced it has contracted for private operations and maintenance of the new streetcar system. They signed a contract with Transdev instead of the Milwaukee County Transit System that already runs our buses and employs workers represented by ATU Local 998.

ATU 998 is fighting for a $15 wage floor and union rights for the new streetcar operations and maintenance workers. We are fighting for our future, protecting against privatization of MCTS and protecting the contract standards we have won, through strikes and otherwise. ATU 998 will fight for transit workers, whether running buses or streetcars, and we will do whatever it takes to win.

Join us in calling on City officials to require Transdev to sign an agreement for $15 and a union. If it’s good for the Bucks, it’s good for the streetcar. On Friday, the City streetcar committee meets and we’re showing up to demonstrate we are ready to fight and to make our demand. Stand with transit workers, support the union, and fight for our future.


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